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LostGar Stuff


Aspiring Trainer
Ok, looking for the following (none in RH if possible)

Gastly SF x1
Vileplume UD x2
Oddish LA (Psychic type) x2
Lost World x1
Mr. Mime COL

Paying through Paypal and all that fun stuff, would prefer to have it all shipped by Monday, but no real rush. Let me know your prices, would also prefer to get it all from one person. Prices must beat TnT.


Live. Love. Burn. Die.
I have these if your interested (I can have these out tomorrow as well):

Gastly SF x1 - Free with purchase
Vileplume UD x2 - $5.00 each
Oddish LA (Psychic type) x2 - If I can find these they will be free
Lost World x1 - $4.00
Mr. Mime COL - $1.00




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I have:

Gastly SF x1
Vileplume UD x2
Lost World x1

I couldn't find any Oddish or Mr. Mime, but I'd bet my dad would have them if I look. Prices are negotiable, but I think I could beat AnthonyG's; if you PayPal me the money tonight I should be able to send tomorrow.

El Radar

AKA Le Radar
Vileplume UD 2 for $7
Oddish LA (Psychic type) x2 + Gastly SF x1 + Mr Mime CoL $1.25
Lost World x1 $2
Shipping: 1.50

Total: $11.75