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Standard Lost Zone Dragonite


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I found this really cool deck in some of the LimitlessTCG tournament archives and I think that it has a lot of potential.
4x Comfey LOR
2x Dragonite V SSP
2x Cramorant LOR
1x Sableye LOR
1x Drapion V LOR
1x Lumineon V BRS
1x Raikou V BRS
1x Radiant Greninja ASR
4x Colress's Experiment
2x Boss's Orders
2x Raihan
4x Mirage Gate
4x Quick Ball
4x Battle VIP Pass
4x Scoop Up Net
2x Escape Rope
2x Switch Cart
2x Ordinary Rod
2x Air Balloon
2x Choice Belt
2x Training Court
5 Water Energy
4 Lightning Energy
2 Psychic Energy

This deck has what most Lost Box variants don't: an OHKO option, while still being able to play Radiant Greninja. The only other option that's seen play for this niche is Giratina VSTAR, but that costs you 4-6 deck slots, depending on how thick your Giratina line is. This deck provides a faster, albeit a bit watered-down version of Giratina VSTAR. The Radiant Charizard variant is good, but you lose the option to Moonlight Shuriken, and the consistency of Concealed Cards, all provided by Radiant Greninja.


Drapion V: Your only OHKO option in the Mew matchup. This, with 2 Ordinary Rods, should make the matchup relatively easy.

2-1 Cramorant and Sableye split: Cramorant is a great 1-prize attacker, especially in the early game. 2 is needed because if you prize one, your early game gets so much weaker and it makes it disproportionately difficult to take KOs throughout the game. Sableye Helps KO Amazing Rares, a big worry for me because not only are they played a lot at my local league, but are actually not a meme anymore when played with the likes of Lugia or the Lost Zone engine. Cram is barely too weak to finish some of them off, but Sableye gets the job done as a snipe attack.

Raihan: it allows you to recover from a KO quickly and efficiently. If they KO something, you can use Raihan to attach to a Dragonite and search for a Mirage Gate, instantly readying a Dragonite.

More Boss's Orders: Gust options allow this deck to be move faster, applying pressure earlier. Helps us get rid of Manaphy for Radiant Greninja.
More Choice Belt: The damage modifier lets us OHKO VSTARs, and is pretty crucial. I don't think 2 copies is enough, but what to cut?
Serena: In place of Boss's Orders, this card adds a drawing option to the gust option. It seems to be an unnecessary nerf to this deck however, because you can no longer gust Manaphy.
Roxanne: This card is good in most decks as a late-game option to lock your opponent out of the game, but I just can't find room for it.

Any comments or critiques would be greatly appreciated!
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Hi Tempest,

Nice list. Dragonite V is one of the few two-prize cards current Lost Zone decks tend to run in Japan. Personally I would retain Sableye since Lost Mine is an insane attack that can also fix numbers for the main attackers in this deck. In addition it also solves the problem with Amazing Rare attackers. Sableye can place twelve damage counters anywhere and none of the Amazing Rares has more HP than that. Thus, Sableye fixes numbers and resolves the problem you mentioned.

Also consider two Lost Vacuum to ensure a more stable turn two Dragonite V going first. The card worked wonders for me and will be critical post-rotation.

Proposed Modifications:

- 1 Boss's Orders (two copies tend to suffice)
- 1 Snorlax (wanted a second Cramorant)
- 2 Temple of Sinnoh (Training Court is better with Radiant Greninja)
- 1 Lightning Energy
- 2 Water Energy

+ 2 Sableye (Lost Mine fixes numbers and deals with Amazing Rares)
+ 1 Cramorant (second one is nice)
+ 2 Training Court (works well with Radiant Greninja)
+ 2 Psychic Energy (needed for Sableye and three different Basic Energies tend to work well with Mirage Gate)
+ 2 Ordinary Rod (the deck needs Pokémon and Basic Energy recovery and your list seemed to be two cards short)

No idea on how to fit the two Lost Vacuum into the list at the moment but I hope this provides some initial assistance.
Hey Espeon!
It's good to see that you're still around, and I think you're totally right about the Sableye change. I failed to see that it could solve the Amazing Rare problem, and I also think that Temple of Sinnoh count is too situational. The only issue I see with this is that this deck would struggle against the Lugia matchup simply because they can outrace you if you whiff an attack for even one turn, so I was looking for a way to fix that. I decided on playing Raikou V which basically acts as a free KO on a Lugia, so I only have room to add one of the Sableye. My list includes Ordinary Rod, and is at 60 cards, so I'm not sure what's going on there.
Final Changes:
-1 Boss's Orders
-1 Snorlax
-1 Lightning Energy
-2 Water Energy
-2 Temple of Sinnoh

+1 Sableye
+1 Raikou V
+1 Cramorant
+2 Training Court
+2 Psychic Energy

I'll also be doing further testing and will keep this thread updated as well as I can. Thanks!