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Standard Lost Kitten (Mascarada ex / Sableye / Comfey / Cramorant / Radiant Greninja)

Dark Espeon

Dark Avatar


Pokémon (14):
2 Meowscarada ex (beatdown)
2 Sprigatito SV1AM (evolution)
1 Radian Greninja (beatdown)
1 Manaphy S12a (protection)
2 Cramorant S11 (beatdown)
2 Sableye S11 (beatdown)
4 Comfey S12a (draw)

Trainer (36):
4 Colress' Experiment (draw)
2 Boss' Orders (control)
2 Raihan (accelerate)
2 Klara (retrieval)
3 Mirage Gate (acceleration)
3 PokéGear 3.0 (search)
3 Escape Rope (control)
3 Rare Candy (evolve)
4 Level Ball (search)
4 Nest Ball (search)
3 Switch (retreat)
3 Beach Court (retreat)

Energy (10):
3 Psychic Energy
4 Grass Energy
3 Water Energy


The main idea of this deck is to combine Meowscarada ex with a classic Lost Box deck. Start with Comfey to draw with flower selecting and fill the lost zone. Attack with Cramorant on the first or second turn and bench Sprigatito in addition to Sableye. Meowscarada ex takes the role of a cleaner in this deck and also assists Sableye with Magic Bouquet to hunt down the bench.


Basic Grass Pokémon
HP 70
[C][ Scartch: 10
[C][C] Leafage: 20
Retreat Cost: C
Weakness: R

Meowscarada ex
Stage 2 Grass Pokémon - evolves from Floragato
HP: 310
Ability: Magic Bouquet
You must discard a [G] energy card from your hand in order to use this ability. Once during your turn, you may choose 1 of your opponent’s benched Pokémon and put 3 damage counters on it.
[C][C] Nail Scratch: 100+
If your opponent’s active Pokémon already has any damage counters on it, this attack does 120 more damage.
Retreat Cost: CC
Weakness: R




2-2 Meowscarada ex and Sprigatito: Use Meoscarada ex to enable Sableye to take multiple prizes with Lost Mine after two or three Magic Bouquet and use Nail Scratch as a cleaner attack similar to Zamazenta.

1 Radiant Greninja: This card combines draw with bench sniping and thus allows the deck to uptrade.

1 Manaphy: Protection against cards such as Radiant Greninja, Regieleki, and Magnezone Vstar.

2 Cramorant:
Hit for a solid 110 on the second turn for zero energy cost once four cards are in the lost zone. This eanbles Cramorant to provide early preasure.

2 Sableye: Lost Mine places twelve damage counters on the opponent's Pokémon in any way you like once ten cards are in the lost zone. This allows the deck to hunt down benched Pokémon to draw multiple prizes at once. In addition Lost Mine combines well with Magic Bouquet and the virtual absence of scoop up cards in this new format.

4 Comfey: Flower Picking is the main draw engine . It allows the deck draw two to three cards each turn and also increases the lost zone size by the same amount. This activates abilities like Lost Supply on Cramorant and Mirage Gate.


4 Colress' Experiment:
Draws five cards from the top of the deck and put two of these cards in the lost zone. This is the main draw supporter that also helps the deck to fill the lost zone faster to activate Cramorant and Sableye.

2 Raihan: Since all attackers other than Meoscarada ex can be knocked out in one hit this card provides valued acceleration and also searches out needed cards to stream attacks turn after turn.

2 Boss Order: Control over the defender is excellent in all decks. Since Nail Scratch relies on initial damage counter placements gust effects tend to help a lot.

2 Klara: Retrieve defeated Pokémon and Basic Energy to use Magic Bouquet and maintain a stable stream of attackers.

Item and Stadium:

4-4 Nest Ball and Level Ball
Both cards can be used to search out Basic Pokémon. Nest Ball is the most universal Pokémon search card but Level Ball can also be used when the bench is full.

3-3-3 Switch, Escape Rope, and Beach Court: Flower Selecting is the main draw engine. Thus the deck wants to use two to three Comfey each turn. This implies the need to switch between Comfey and retreat into one of the attackers in this deck at the end of the flower selecting. While Beach court allows all Basic Pokémon in this deck to retteat for free Escape Rope can also be used to switch around the defender.

3 Rare Candy: Needed to evolve Sprigatito into Meoscarada ex. Note that Raihan can be used to accelerate onto a benched Sprigatito and search out either Rare Candy or Meowscarada ex with Raihan.

3 Mirage Gate: This card provides energy acceleration for Radiant Greninja once there are seven cards in the lost zone. It can also be used to fuel Meowscarada ex and another attacker such as Sableye in one turn.

3 PokéGear 3.0: Used to search for supporter cards to maintain a stable card flow.


4-3-3 Grass, Water, and Psychic Energy:
The deck runs three different Basic energy cards. While this makes the use of Magic Bouquet a little more complicated it allows the deck to be more versatile in terms of potential attackers. With the current three different Basic energies the deck can attack with Radiant Greninja and Sableye while still having at least four Basic Grass to use Magic Bouquet.

This looks very interesting. I wonder if it would be good to include Giratina VSTAR, though. At least a 1-1 line might be of good use. You could Knock Out even VMAX’s in a single hit with the help of Meowscarada, and it would allow you to get more use out of your Grass type Energy. The synergy with the Energy types you are already running is too powerful to ignore, although it might not ultimately be enough to justify the space.
Here is a link to an article with last week’s tournament results from Japan. A more focused Sprigatito list is found at the bottom of the table of contents, below the links to the preview week’s tournament response articles. Perhaps it will be helpful.
I’m not sure if you’ll get more responses than this. Deck garage has been very slow recently. Let us know how your deck testing goes.
This week’s tournament results just came in from Japan, and you were right, Meowscarada ex is indeed making waves in Lost Box. In case the link doesn’t take you directly to the list, you’ll find it under the Miraidon ex lists. I also saw one 1-1 Giratina VSTAR line in one of the three deck lists.
I didn’t see any Rose Garden lookalikes, but there are lots of other Meowscarada ex decks within the tournaments results. It may not have the strongest energy acceleration ability in the history of the game, but Meowscarada ex is getting it’s fair share of Gardevoir ex’s limelight.
Hi Charmaster:).

Thanks for the review. Will consider Giratina Vstar but not entire sure since it seems less strong than a full Giratina Vstar built. For me it was the possible synergy between Meowscarada ex and Sableye that lured me into a Lost Box variant. Did not have that much time to test other than one or two matches. It is less easy to use than other Lost Box variants but quite fun.