Wi-Fi Trades Looking for shiny event Amoonguss, trading away shiny event Clefairy


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In August 9 of 2020, a shiny Amoongus based on that used by Baik Jongyoon was distributed through Serial Code in South Korea. The code, however, was not region locked, and anyone in the world with the code could redeem it. I had previously claimed a Japanese event Gastrodon in this way, but unfortunately I was out of town for the duration of the Amoongus event. I wasn't even checking Serebii, so I never had the chance to ask my friend (who owns both Sword and Shield) to redeem the code twice and save one for me. I really like the Cherish Ball, and Amoonguss seemed like a cool shiny, so missing this distribution was a bitter dissapointment. Now that the competitive Sword and Shield series is over, I wonder if anyone has an event Amoongus that they no longer care about, and would be willing to pass along to a new owner who would appreciate it.
Here are the sorts of Pokémon I'm offering:
- A shiny event Clefairy (read more below)
- Pokémon GO Community Day shinies (I stopped participating in community days after Starly, and won't be guaranteed to have extras for a particular community day, but I'm pretty sure I have a surplus of Swinub. Will check on demand, but may need extra time.)
- A Charmander or Dewpider in a Sport Ball
- A Shroomish or Sunflora in a Safari Ball (I don't own Brilliant Diamond or Shining Pearl, so these guys are just sitting in Pokémon HOME)
- Assorted breedjects in Apricorn, Dream, Safari, and Beast Balls (will check boxes on demand)
In a similar vein, I have a shiny event Clefairy which I myself no longer have any interest in, and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in receiving that Pokémon. It's one of the Pokémon I'm offering in exchange for the Amoonguss, but I'm also willing to trade it to someone who I know will appreciate it for anything from Pokémon GO shinies to Apricorn/Dream/Beast/Safari/Sport Ball breedjects. This thread is as much about finding a home for Clefairy as it is about finding an Amoonguss to bring home!
I will PM my Pokémon Shield or Pokémon HOME information to anyone interested in trading.
Hope you're all doing well.