Life Begins-Project Custom Challenge #7 Entry


Poor Pichu
Ok hello everyone! This is my entrie for Project Custom and I would like to get this off my chest

I do NOT plan on continueing this fic!

That is because I am Planning on continuing The Birth of an Articuno, some of you may be happy for that.

FYI I am a girl in this, it began originally as a guy but the ending would send the "people" after me and youll see why. but the thing about the woods is 100% true, i do it sometimes, usually dont play gameboy there Ill read but o well. May post some pics from my last trip back.

Now first time I typed this I has 1012 words, so I went through and corrected some errors and I ended up with 1013... So I reduced to 997 so that is 999 with the title, that was annoying. That is also why the endign sounds kinda rushed.

Well with firther adu, here it is

Life Begins

The woods, there is no where more peaceful. The birds fluttering in the wind, the squirrels collecting their nuts; it was just a place to go to relax and take a load off your mind. That is, until recently…

I live in a suburb outside Pittsburgh and our size is growing rapidly. New developments are popping up everywhere, including in my quiet little woods. Construction vehicles are rolling through the trees with little regard for nature and destroying it all.

The only area of refuge is the small wetland reserve in the middle of destruction. I tend to sneak back to the reserve to relax my mind. One faithful day I was relaxed playing pokemon under a large tree. I ignored the “No Trespassing” signs as usual and kept walking. The sun was at its highest and I was beginning to become hot.

I decided it was about time to head home so I jumped the fence and walked towards the remaining trees between the reserve and my house. I was most of the way to the trees when I heard a man yell, “Look out kid!” I could feel the ground beneath lurch upwards as an explosion went off! I was flying nearly 50 feet in the air towards the trees quickly!

I started to panic in the air and remembered how to fall from acting class. I turned my back to the trees and my feet connected first. I rolled on my back and rolled several times until I stopped softly in a spike bush. I tried to move but the thorns would go deeper into my skin with every twitch. The pain was excruciating. I decided not to move and to wait for a construction worker to come and help me.

Then I felt the thorns start to push me outwards, What is going on? I broke the surface and one single vine grabbed me around the stomach and threw me away. This time there was no soft landing. I hit a tree hard and fell to the ground. This tree was not tall, but it was very stiff. I was dazed and I tried to stand up. When I was on my knees I felt something hit me hard in the side!

I rolled over and over again until I came to a halt. I saw I was in the middle of a trail. The pain all over my body was mind numbing. I looked at myself to see that all of my clothes had been ripped off during the events, but my ordeal was not over. I could see two imposing figures approaching from where I came. My vision would not focus well enough to tell what they were. The larger figure rose his “hand” and was about to lash it down on me. An instant before it hit me a smaller rope blocked it! A small figure jumped before and smacked its rope off the ground.

I sat up and my vision started to clear. I could see the rope was not a rope at all; it was a vine. My defender was small, he had a green growth on his back and his body was like an aqua colored lizard. It was a Bulbasaur! I could see my attackers now; the bush that I landed in was actually a Tangrowth, and the tree I hit was a Sudowoodo! They both looked really angry that I hit them.

“I really didn’t mean it! Please calm down!” I yelled.

The two were having nothing of it. The Sudowoodo raised his hand and charged at me. Bulbasaur jumped to action and wound back to send several leaves at it. At first I wondered what they would do then I remembered about razor leaf. The leaves slashed through Sudowoodo and he fell to the ground. He tried to get up but Bulbasaur hit him hard with a tackle.

Bulbasaur was standing proudly above his opponent when Tangrowth rejoined the battle. One of his long vine like arms lashed out and hit Bulbasaur. The small lizard flew spinning into a tree. I ran over to Bulbasaur to see the red cut across his forehead bleeding out.

I turned to Tangrowth, “Why would you do this?” I screamed. “I just landed on you!” I could feel the anger inside me welling, “All he did was walked in at the wrong time!” My back was in excruciating pain, but I ignored it. “You just had to keep going and attacking like a mad man!” Then the worst pain in my life hit me! I fell to the ground on all fours. My arms and legs were shrinking fast, my hands curled up into paws with claws protruding from where my knuckles were! My chest and hips shrunk down level with the rest of my body! My neck shrunk and my head joined with my body as it all shrunk! I could feel my ears moving towards the top of my head!

My skin started to prickle all over my body, I looked and in a wave my skin changed into scales! Most of my body was turned into a light green color with patches that were dark green. The pain started to subside and I glared at the Tangrowth.

“What just happened?” Tangrowth stuttered.

Without a word I charged him and dove into its mid section. I could feel myself sink in and then thinking I had made a solid hit; I was rebounded back and skidded to a stop next to Bulbasaur. We looked into each others’ eyes and almost telepathically knew what to do. I charged at the living bush full speed and dove at him. He easily swiped me aside with his arm but was hit by a powerful razor leaf unleashed by Bulbasaur. Many of his vines were cut off and he turned vine and ran.

I looked at Bulbasaur and knew that the change I went through was for the best.

See why I said that about the girl and the rushing, o well...​
Well, since you have no intent on finishing this story and it is solely for the use of a contest, I won't be putting this into the Library unless you request so. Hope you don't mind
Thats fine for me Max, like I said, i wont be updating with new chapters so no point in saving it
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