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Discussion in 'PTCG Competitive Play' started by Mysticvulpix, Sep 13, 2019.

  1. Mysticvulpix Just be chill


    hey everyone! I’m going to a league cup this weekend, and I want to know your thoughts: what tips do you have for a league cup? Anything you think is good to bring or do ahead of time or there?

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    Hey Mysticvulpix!

    These might not be the exact suggestions you're looking for, but from my perspective as the guy who runs League Cups, I hope they'll be of some use to you. If this is your fist League Cup, keep in mind that this will, in all likelihood, take 6+ hours, if not all day. I'd recommend either bringing some snacks/food with you, or picking some up at the venue, especially if you know you're going to be there for a decent chunk of time. Some TOs have breaks mid-way through the tournament to allow people to go get lunch/etc, but it's nice to at least have something with you in the event that there isn't. Also, it might be a good idea to bring something do do when waiting for rounds to conclude (book, DS/Switch, etc.).

    A few things you might want to keep in mind when choosing a deck to play:
    • Find out whether or not the event is Best of 1, or Best of 3. This can have a big influence on how you play, as well as what cards you'll include in a deck. Plus, Best of 3 takes a heck of a lot longer to play...
    • Try to play a deck you're comfortable with. From my experience, I've found that players who play decks that they are comfortable with tend to do better than those who are trying out the deck for the first/second time. Cups are usually not a good place to test decks: Challenges are much better for this.
    • As always, do keep an idea of what you expect to play against, and what you will need to play to make those matchups more favorable.
    One thing you definitely want to make sure to do is have a Printed (not handwritten) decklist. This saves the TO lots of time trying to decipher handwriting, and makes registration easier for you as a player. If the TO is using something like RK9 Labs stuff, I don't think you'll have to worry about this. Another thing to keep in mind: if you have a question, or think you need a judge, do not hesitate to call a judge over, even if you think your question is trivial. With how the TCG works at times, things that might seem trivial can be quite complicated when you take a deeper look at things. Also, on the flip side of that, with how long Cups go, chances are you'll make a mistake and get a penalty for it. If/when this happens, don't stress to much about it: just keep playing as best as you can, and be mindful of the rules going forward.

    Lastly, I think the most important thing is to have fun. Cups can be super stressful towards the beginning of a season (or throughout the year, really), especially with people trying to earn Points for invites. If you're not worried about points, just try to relax and have a good time. If you are after points, don't stress too much about it.

    I hope I've provided some advice that you'll find useful! I'm not much of a player, but I have been running events for about a year now, so I've picked up a few things from my players and other Professors. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask!

  3. Mysticvulpix Just be chill


    Thanks for the advice alpha! I already know about the possibility of penalties, as I lost a game at my last and first ever cup for using a add I didn’t realize had rotated. I’m being more careful now, so I have checked to make sure I have correct cards. Also, I unfortunately cannot bring a decklist there, as my printer broke. Terrible timing, right? Anywho, I thank you for the tips! I hope I enjoy this.
  4. AngryBokoblin Guzzlord is fun


    Just try to have a good time.
    Don't be stressed or you'll play worse.
    Focus on top 4/8, not winning.
    Try to get points. Doing better is a bonus.
    Remember, you can ID.
    Bring food and water.
    Don't give away deck info until after round 1.
    Try to get there early so you have a chance to chill and prepare yourself for the tournament.
    Never switch decks the day before.
    Don't consistently cut in the same spot.
    Prep your decklist the night before.
    Have your player ID. Ideally memorize it.
    Overall, have a good time and treat it like casual.
    Stress/nervousness is not what you want when playing pokemon.
  5. FourteenAlmonds NTernetttt ERXploerer


    I know it might be a bit late, but in my experience the TO will usually have a stack of deck list sheets ready to fill in for people who forget or unable to bring one from home.

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