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    Hi everyone

    As some of you may know, Lady Gaga recently released her newest music vid, Marry The Night. It is her longest vid yet (beating Telephone by about 5 mins), and is apparently so true to her life it terrifies her (according to her FB status anyway).

    For those of you who have not seen the vid, here it is:


    Quick note-some of it is a bit dirty in places but nothing serious.

    Personally, I like it and think that it is a huge difference from BTW, Judas, TEOG and You And I. I think the fact that it is just based around her life rather than the style of her other BTW vids. My favorite part is probably when she is at the dance studio. I think the ending is quite odd-is that just me?

    (Random fact, I have a feeling which of her songs will be singles. Not from liking them, but if you go on her VEVO account, there are some songs which have an (Audio) on them and some which don't. I have a feeling that the ones without an (Audio) on them won't be singles, which means no HML or Electric Chapel ;_; but it also means we get Scheiße, Bloody Mary, Americano, Government H**ker, Highway Unicorn and Bad Kids [which I think should be replaced by HML/EC]. Oh, and we get Fashion of His Love, a great underrated song IMO).

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    I don't like it. It's too long to be a music video. You could argue that it's a creative cinematic approach, but if that's your goal, just make an hour long movie with your latest album as the soundtrack.

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