Kingdra and Porygon-Z Premium Checklane Blisters for “Twilight Masquerade,” Feature Exclusive Galaxy Holofoil!

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Twilight Masquerade will see the release of two “Premium Checklane Blisters” featuring Kingdra and Porygon-Z from Paradox Rift. The top Evolution card of each blister pack will be holo.



Kingdra and Porygon-Z should be printed on exclusive galaxy holofoil paper, rather than the normal holofoil used for Scarlet & Violet sets.
This was also the case for the “Temporal Forces Premium Checklane Blisters” that just released...

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Anyone else LOVE these cosmos holo promos? Brings me back to the OG EX/WOTC era of holos and it warms my heart! Was hoping to see these holos return in the sets as hits, but they are just as cool in the blisters as promos! Can't wait to add them to my collection of cosmos promo holos!

Edit: Didn't we see this already with the Ceruledge & Glimmora blister packs?
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How to make opening packs great again:
1. Make rares non-holo
2. Kill the two reverse holo slots (replace 1 with a rare, replace the other with a common or uncommon)
3. The holo slot contains either a hit (ex or better, 1 in 3 packs) or a cosmos holo version of a common, uncommon, or rare.

I'd be super happy to pull cosmos holo versions of random commons. And there would be 150-200 of them per set, so you'd be getting something new in basically every pack. And they'd have some value, since the pull rate for each individual holo would be about 1 in 250 packs.

Bonus: Bring the SIR and HR pull rates back to SVI/PAL/OBF levels.