July’s Pokemon Center TCG Products for “Lost Abyss” Revealed!

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The Pokemon Center’s latest TCG accessories have been revealed and will hit shelves in Japan on July 15th to celebrate the release of Lost Abyss, which releases the same day. They include card sleeves, deck boxes, card files, rubber playmats, and a damage counter case.






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TPCi needs to fight harder to bring these products over here.
So the TPCi actually request these for international sales but denies TPC denies them that right? Wow, TPC is even more strict than I thought. I was going to write to them about an idea that they should do a mini set celebration for each generation TCG (and if they were to add a stamp, then it should be a logo that represent the specified generation. These min set are to include both popular cards that were sought after for collection purposes as well as cards those that were most played. Well, there goes a guaranteed multi-million dollar idea (not that they need it).
i feel like if they sold those Deoxys sleeves along with his upcoming VSTAR+Vmax, the millions of Deoxys fans would go INSANE.

but no, they don't like us.
Seedot-line, Rotom, Eternatus and Durant confirmed for the set, based on these sleeves?
i think the durant sleeves may be a reference to the durant mill deck with the battle styles one, you can see it's digging for fossils etc and i think in japan milling is sometimes referred to as "mountain toppling" or the like