News Japan's SM6b, 'Champion Road'!

That Steelix is almost as good as a 'decent' GX.

I wished they just released these cards as a smaller set like they do in Japan. Too bad it has to be mixed with another set to make celestial storm.

I was waiting for the Lugia reprint as well, maybe we will get it in the next set or the set after that.
Mr. Mime. I like it. Cool ^w^

Also I have a couple Copycats laying around somewhere. Nice.
I think this can be alright with Lysandre Labs to block Choice Bands and Fight Fury Belts, Ninja Boy, and some way to do extra damage (ex. Greninja BREAK, Decidueye-GX, etc.)
This is definitely not a set for the players...
At least we got Magcargo and Copycat I guess.
Confirmed GXs in Celestial Storm
  1. Rayquaza-GX
  2. Stakataka-GX
  3. Blacephalon-GX??
  4. Blaziken-GX
  5. Articuno-GX
  6. Salamence-GX
  7. Scizor-GX
  8. Electrode-GX
  9. Banette-GX
  10. Mr. Mime-GX (Evens)
  11. Mr. Mime-GX??? (Odds)
This thing with Ninja Boy is gonna be some interesting stuff. I've been a bit out of the game lately, and this is exactly what I want to see as soon as I come back to Pokebeach.

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The blue balloon
The month of June
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Ziggy's sweets are mime
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That's all there is to it
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