Japan's SM6+ Set, 'Dragon Storm,' Plus 'Champion Road' Mini-Set!

Tbh I don't see the hype it seems really bad. For fire I would be amazing but the fact you have to have it as your only card in your hand makes it bad. A situation where it is the only card will rarely happen and you also might not even have that many fire type Pokemon in play.
I think that its based around 1 of 3 reasons
1. If based on coloring, the wings are a teal color, so it could go between green and blue(also dratini and dragonair are blue).
2. Dragonite's name in Japanese is Kairyu, and the kanji for "kai" CAN be translated as ocean/sea, connecting it to water more.
3. Could be due to the fact that dratinis have only ever been obtainable by fishing.

About the Prism star card, you did not dream that you read that!....But it was just a joke made by someone before the actual text was revealed. Sorry, better luck next time!
Yeah, Dragonite lives in the water and helps boats, so it makes sense....*depressed sigh*
Waiting, Waiting, Waiting. I am so excited for these cards that will boost fire play, especially Ho-Oh GX decks. i think the Charizard with the ability is good, gonna see lots of play. this new supporter will be like Colress, except that this one will have much more value of its double draw for each (fire) on the bench. Let's say i have 2 Lele's, 2 Ho-Oh's, and 2 Charizard's (the new one with the ability) one in the active. You could potentially go and Parallel yourself and then go and get rid of the Lele's, then field blower the Parallel away to have good bench space. then you could switch Ho-Oh in the active position, Eternal flame some Ho-Oh's in the discard. Or potentially Nest Ball some Ho-Oh's if you have any left. then you could use Blaine to go and get 12 cards. That is giving the potential to go and have many good cards. maybe they could N you, but N will be expanded before this comes out so you don't have to worry about it if you are playing a standard tournament, you should be fine. I know this ruins the chance to Kiawe, but it's a good set up for you next turn. Maybe unrealistic, but a possible way to get an easy 12 cards, giving a better chance of getting cards you need for your next turn. So YES, THE RISE OF FIRE!!!!
Too bad blaine is that useful card. In expanded, i would be using other cards instead. juniper, sycamore. you would have to play this like maxie or ARCHIe deck if you want to be useful. situational in standard, but better in expanded.
lol now that you mention it, a 'hidden ball trick' type of card with Erika might be cool as an attempt to make Venusaur decks more viable. Probably not gonna happen though.

EDIT: this was supposed to be a response to the post of @makarNa but the quote got lost somehow
Ah, yes... I remember an older Blaine card much like this one, known as Blaine's Last Resort from Generation I. That card just let you draw 5 cards if it was your only card in your hand. Explosive Battle must have tried to pay homage to that card by having a stronger effect.

Of course, figuring out how to make a good standard deck engine with it will prove tricky.
raikou gx translation
170 hp lightning
2 colorless 30 damage
2 lightning 2 colorless 150 damage
flip a coin, if tails do 50 damage to yourself
4 lightning this attack does 100 damage to each of your opponents pokemon that has any energy attached to it(dont apply weakness and resistance for benched pokemon)
fighting weakness metal resistance
Hmm not as nice as an ability as I'd like, but it could be a nice option as a 1 of tech in a dragon deck to use with Lance or Dragon Porter GX!