News Japan's First 2019 Sets: 'Night Unison,' 'Full Metal Wall'

  • Venonat/Venemoth-GX - The GX is Drampa, nothing special. 110 on a main atk is fine from Ideal. It can OHKO that are weak and 2HKO those are not. The effects are bit niche options. 4 Geodudes
  • Bellsprout/Weepinbell/Victreebel - ehh. Stage 2 Alolan Grimer's Chem Breath. Fairytales is not an excuse. 2/2/2-3
  • Grubbin/Charjabug/Vikavolt - what did I say about this Vikavolt on the main atk? Yeah. No way to recover Energy back. We have Charjabug to boost its AC. Still you can use like Rescue Stretcher so it's still on a card burning teritorry. 2/4/3-4
  • Tentacool/Tentacruel - Tentacool works to counter Blaceph and helps you recover cards as well. Tentacruel is FINE! 3/3
  • Goldeen/Seaking - Victini, ehh. Not buying it. 2/3
  • Froakie/Frogadier/Greninja - nah. 120 less to KO. Who cares? 2/2/3
  • Kyurem - with NagaQuag, PARALYSISEVERYTURN! 5 Geodudes
  • Pikachu/Raichu - good for comebacks! 2/3-4
  • Dedenne-GX - Super Staple! 5 Geodudes
  • Marshadow - well, anti-Buzzwole, like literally. 4 Geodudes
  • Wooper/Quagsire - good Zoroark counter and niche tech with Quagsire. 3/3
  • Zeraora - Zeraora is no Vikavolt. No reliable nrg recovery. 3-4
  • Gligar/Gliscor - Gligar, Zoro counter tech. Gliscor, insert Gliscor cry. 4/2-3
  • Greninja x Zoroark TTGX - With the supports like Darkrai and Black Market to reduce your prize reward, Zoroninja is a nuts good deck. 4 Geodudes
  • Carvanha/Sharpedo - good on its own. 3/3-4
  • Inkay/Malamar - can take huge KOs. 3/4
  • Clefairy/Clefable - Ditto, Gardevoir! 2/4
  • Gardevoir x Sylveon TTGX - Leaving the opponent in the top deck mode as a GX atk is nuts cool, decent on the rest. 4 Geodudes
  • Ratatta/Raticate - ehh. Not interesting. 2/2-3
  • Togepi/Togetic/Togekiss - insert Togekiss cry 2/2/3
  • Spritzee/Aromatisse - not doing enough and its flippy. 2/2-3
  • Lickitung/Lickilicky - still no good. 2/2
  • Electromagnetic Radar - good in GX heavy L decks. 4
  • Suprise Box - silly but it might have good options in the future. 3
  • Secret Hood - it won't stop Ability lock just FYI. 3
  • Pokegear - AFTER 8 Years! 4 Geodudes
  • Janine - reverse Underground Expedition and spammable with Magcargo. 4-5 Geodudes
  • Koga's Trap - really? 3-4 Geodudes
  • Lt. Surge's Battle - PLS Magnezone won't work on Lt. Surge because it won't allow to use 5 Supporters per turn. Lt. Surge is shockingly over the top nuts good. 5 Geodudes
  • Fairy Lightning/Fairy ability - YL good against Jolteon which is a nuts deck, YA good against most decks, Rayquaza, Zoroark, Gardevoir, Zeraora, Lycanroc, name it. But Fairy Charms ATM don't see play yet. 3/4-5
  • Guzma, Max Potion, Enhance Hammer, Electropower - we have no idea if we see this in English or just being an A card.
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Oh boy! Lt Surge is gonna be insane in Mill Decks. I wonder if it'll be a one of in Expanded decks. Charjabug's ability is gonna be interesting on how it is used.

Lt. Surge. Ban Hammer has a new POI.
PokeGear looks pretty good.
Koga is a somewhat inferior hypnotoxic laser.
Fairy Charm Ability looks pretty good because between Zoarark, Lycanroc, Malamar one prize decks, only a couple (e.g. Blacehpelon, Granbull) don't use attackers w/ abilities. Of course, if field blower makes a return, it might not be that good. Still. Invinci-Gard is no joke.
Lt. Surge why, just why...I think the designers are just trolling us at this point. That card is just stupid.

I was recently wondering what would replace Guzma after rotation, at least I got the answer to that question.

lol @ at the fact that the low quality image of Zoro&Ninja looked a lot better than the actual card

also, I hate premade combos like basically the whole Lost March archetype and Garchomp+Cynthia (even if they are not great) so I'm not that excited about this Venomoth business. But sure, with Koga it does hit good numbers. However, Janine and Koga could be used with other cards other than Venomoth. There is the new Alolan Grimer comig out that does 20+ 50x special condition for a DCE, and we also have CES Ariados that does the same for [C].

And "Excited Horn" on Seaking...wonder what the official trasnlation will be...
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Most of these are just versions of other cards. Victreebel is just a worse Alolan Muk GX (Sorry, Victreebel.) Grass Grubbin is an attack version of Electromagnetic Radar.
Charjabug, however, is BUSTED. It doesn’t have to be evolved from Grubbin (it can just be straight played from the hand) AND Rescue Stretcher can retrieve it. Definitely including this in future Lightning decks.
I love that Seaking. For one energy, it does an average of 120 damage with a ‘Band. That’s incredible. With Fliptini, it does an average of either 150 or 180 damage. FOR ONE ENERGY. If you’re really lucky, you can end up doing 210 damage for one energy. If that isn’t efficient, what is?
...I’m gonna let the rest of the community rage over Lit Surge.
Will these be released in Team Up?
Lt. Surge's Battle is just crazy good. A must in every deck, I think, not just mill. Time to stop taking prizes...
Wait for Charjabug, does it count as your energy attachment for the turn? Because if not, I can see speed Ray back again (get a vikavolt out on T2 w/Ninetales.....attach 4 Charjabug, hope you hit the right stormy winds, and OHKO anything)
It’s 110 plus 90. A Choice Band ends up OHKOing Gardy.

Hevinn is correct, its actually 210. It's 110 + 90 but you have to use Koga's Trap to get the +90. Koga's trap leaves the active confused and poisoned which adds +10 between turns. So it becomes 110 + 90 + 10 = 210
Damn, was hoping for a Yuka Morii Togekiss when scrolling. If Komiya can finally get to Full Art level, so should our dear madame Morii.
The name of that Clefairy attack better be correct otherwise I will be so sad that I can’t say “I’ll do Bitch Slap for 10”. Don’t get my hopes up to take them away from me later!
You could plat Lit Surge, the Koga, then Janine with venomoth giving it 90 damage boost and protection. Doing 210 total with poison