Contest January 2022 CaC: Energy Acceleration (All Results Up!)


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OO Yes the results!
I was wondering when the scores would be released.

Thank You. It was a lot of fun. I think I did pretty well for my first contest. But still have a lot to learn.

I think I was bit afraid of making it too strong so I added several limits to it. Im still new to the actual card game even though I’ve collected for years so still learning how to make believable and interesting attacks. You're right that it would need a highly specific deck for it to work well because in my mind I came up with a specific full deck based on all the Rotom forms that would take advantage of it as I was making it. So honestly fair.

My editing software of choice has been Gimp but Gimp gave me a lot of issues with Texts and fonts. I knew it wasn’t perfect but got pretty close. I think now that im getting really into making fake cards that I want to switch to photoshop to get even better at accuracy and fonts. Also I didn't even think bout the borders. Oops.

Everyones cards were really good as well. The winning cards are awesome. I was rooting for the Minior too glad to see it at the top. Thank You again for the critique. I definitely would want to join another CaC in the future. Maybe not for March because of school but maybe the next one afterwards.


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The Create-a-Card competition runs bimonthly, with the current one already closed for sign-ups and closing for submissions at the end of November, and the next one opening up in January. :)