Is Regidrago VSTAR Good, and What’s the Best Build?


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Hello all PokéBeach readers! Here is Gabriel again with another Pokémon TCG article and this time I’m going to talk about a deck that many players are curious to know if it’s any good; Regidrago VSTAR.

The new Silver Tempest collection has only just been released, but some things can already be confirmed and one of them is that Lugia VSTAR is exceptionally strong. Other writers here at Pokébeach have already written a lot of content about Lugia VSTAR, so I won’t delve too deeply into this subject, but it’s important to include this new deck among the best in the format and therefore it’s important to take into account all the impact that Lugia VSTAR will have on the format — most decks cannot handle the great power...

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Flygon V: am I a joke too you?
Flygon V is too bad to be considered as an option in general.

It is a bad Pokémon to start the game with and don't work perfectly even in the VMAX matchups.
In the matchups that Flygon V is useful, like Mew VMAX and Kyurem VMAX, just 320 damage isn't enough to knockout, because Mew plays Oricorio so you have to hit 330 damage and Kyurem VMAX has 330HP as well. You can fix it with Choice Belt or Galarian Zigzagoon, but you are losing more slots and consistency for a small chance to have a better cover in two matchups.
Consistency is a big issue for Regidrago VSTAR right now, so you have to find slots to fix this problem as much as you can.