Discussion Is Eevee-GX Worth Playing?


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Hi all.

We all now that Jolteon-GX is AWESOME and give to our ⚡ decks.


Now i have a BIG question to all of you. Its worth to play the new Eevee-GX, this... monster...


I think that our lose will be big, because the Jolteon in tourn 1 with this eevee


Is amazing and so explosive, you can do 110dmg with 1 energy and Thunder Mountain in turn 1.

This rotation will take a lot of good things, I hope our lovely jolteon survive...


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After the rotation, definitely. As of now, no.

SUM Eevee can evolve into Jolteon GX can do 110 damage turn 1, which can really trash your opponent’s setup. Eevee GX is good for the healing, but it can’t evolve T1, which is a big difference. Healing doesn’t really have a place in our meta in my opinion, unless you play CeleSaur.

Joy Maker GX is pretty good, but it’s really not worth it in the long run.


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Despite being cute, leave the Eevee-GX in the binder. Evolving immediately upon attachment is far more valuable than Eevee-GX's Ability, as it relies on you having the card in your hand. Eevee SUM's Ability is contingent on whether you have the card in your deck, which is statistically more likely than you having whatever-GX in your hand already.


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It's gonna become more basic pokémon to throw down on your bench for anyone using any of the Eeveelutions. You have a maximum of 9 basic pokemon that can all evolve into Eeveelutions (4x Eevee-GX, 4x Eevee of any other set it was in other than SUM, let's not forget that we have Eevees from Ultra Prism and Lost Thunder, 1x Ditto Prism Star, not saying you need all 9 of them in a deck, I'm just stating some numbers). So if you wanted more chances to get a basic down to evolve next turn, it'd probably we worth it. Eevee-GX will definitley see play once the SUM Eevee rotates, as @Serperior explained, but I wouldn't see that many copies of Eevee-GX since it's an immediate target for it to get some damage counters off Shrine of Punishment as well as the fact that it only has 160 HP as well as being weak to fighting. Although then again, Guzma is rotating and we have no other reliable gust effect with the exception of Custom Catcher if players decide to be a little spicy with LOT Alolan Ninetales-GX as well as the TEU Ninetales with all the new fire support, esspecially when Big Oven comes out in our August set (huh, well would you look at that, both gust effects post-rotation comes from Ninetales. :p)


It could be the play after rotation. Being able to heal all damage off of it when evolving could be worth putting it out there.