Help Interested in what online tools you use for Pokemon


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Hi Pokebeach,

My first post here, I've recently started getting into Pokemon. I'm a software guy and love all the platforms that have come up over the last few years, Collectr, Poké etc etc.

I'd love to build something online for card games and trying to figure out if there's anything that you'd find super useful that doesn't exist already.

Like what do you find most frustrating? If you had a magic wand what would you like to be created digitally specifically for you? Hope this post is ok here and sorry if i've posted in the wrong place!



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Slow replay, sorry for that
I'd really want a tracker that updated rapidly.
For instance, Collectr doesn't have every 3rd party promo card under the sun. A difficult job for them, but it's something I very much want
At this moment in time, I'd really like an API for being able to export/import my data from any app that I use so I can have aps that do different things (like completion rates, price paid, current market value, cards for my set and cards I'm willing to sell, etc)
Basically I want mobility of my collection data, and to input the information in one place but have it accessible in multiple places.