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Collecting, playing, & making family memories.
Looking for artists
Just start a conversation with me if you’re interested
You’ve checked the Discord for the list of artists who’ve given blanket permission to use their art, right? There’s a wealth of art right there!
The Discord link is right here. There are also a few artists on the Faking Resources thread, but not nearly as many. If you’re looking for a specific Pokémon, your best bet is Xous54 or google or Ishmam, who each have a few hundred art pieces each.
Here’s my DeviantArt page if you want to search it for art. It’s mostly photography, primarily of line starters like Charmander, Eevee, Axew, Sandile, and Cinccino. In many cases I’ve taken over a dozen photos of a single Pokémon. (I’ve taken over a hundred photos of Eevee. If that’s too many, I can send you the highlights.) I do have some fully evolved Pokémon like Vaporeon and Unovan Zoroark, and I have a few art pieces in other mediums. I recently got figures of Charmeleon, Cyndaquil, Arcanine, Wynaut, Leafeon, and another Pikachu as presents from family, and I have a Squirtle and a few other figures that I haven’t photographed yet.

Note: I created a dummy gmail account and corresponding DeviantArt account and followed every single Deviantart account on the list. (There are less than 10 artists who aren’t on DeviantArt.) With over 50 artists, it took about an hour to follow them all, but once I did I could filter my search by artists I followed, essentially giving me a search engine for art I can use. IMPORTANT NOTE: a handful of artists ask you not to use certain pieces (namely commissions). Those are at the bottom of the list. You could just jot them on a Post-it note and quickly glance at it as you’re investigating an art piece that stands out to you.

By the way, I know how easy it can be to plan set and how hard it can be to actually make them. My thread is full of scrapped lists for ambitiously, foolhardily large sets that I never even got around to starting. I’d suggest start out by giving yourself a week to make one full line, to get an idea of how big a commitment it is. The biggest group of image fakes I made for something other than a CaC or Faker’s Marathon was a set of 3 Cramorant.
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