Question Illegally Manipulated Pokémon and Pokémon Bred from Hacked Pokémon VGC Legality Question

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So according to the Official Play! Pokémon Rules & Resources Penalty Guidelines, they officially state from this link and I quote:

"The use of external devices, such as a mobile app, to modify or create items or Pokémon in a player’s Battle Team is expressly forbidden. Players found to have Pokémon or items that have been tampered with may receive a Disqualification, regardless of whether the Pokémon or items belong to that player or were traded for."

However when I asked Google about this I got this answer:

"It it legal, but not legit. Nevertheless, it isn't an issue to use it. There is no way to trace the bred children back to it, and they will be considered legitimate. I wouldn't really consider it cheating, as you are just getting pokemon you would have been able to get quicker than usual."

Since Pokémon bred from Hacked Pokémon like with a 6 31 IV Ditto that was modded by someone for example is considered legal by Google's definition does that mean that they're not allowed to be used in official VGC events since they're considered "Illegally Manipulated Pokémon?" Nintendo / Game Freak doesn't even crack down on Pokémon that are either modded or hacked through Pokémon Bank and Pokémon HOME so I was curious. Online Ranked Battles on Sword & Shield and Scarlet & Violet is probably the best way to tell If your Pokémon is hacked but it will cost you a permanent ban from Pokémon HOME as well as not being able to compete in Online Ranked Battles again.

Another way to tell If a Pokémon is hacked is by checking their memories. If they say, "[insert Pokémon name] seems to have a fond memory, but it doesn't seem to be able to remember the details..." then it's most likely hacked. Yet what I found really odd was If a Pokémon that's bred from a Hacked Pokémon like a 6 31 IV Ditto for example has been fully evolved and had all their EV's and IV's maxed out then their memories when checked later will negate the following quote, "[insert Pokémon name] seems to have a fond memory, but it doesn't seem to be able to remember the details..." So is the bred Pokémon considered hacked even though it has no memory of it's parents?

Turns out Verlisify on YouTube was right all along about Hacked Pokémon in regards to DittoGate. I wouldn't be surprised If most VGC players run Hacked Pokémon on their team and not even realize it thinking they're legitimate. Even though they may have been bred by a Ditto that was either hacked, coded, or modded into the game it's still considered cheating at least to Play! Pokémon and Pokémon Company International. Oddly enough I tested a bred Pokémon team for Online Ranked Battles that I had a suspicion of being hacked and I didn't receive any penalties for it at all so now I don't know what to believe.
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