TCG Fakes Idea: Unofficial Tournaments Using Fake Cards

Discussion in 'Creative Works' started by pokesage101, May 10, 2017.

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    Well this is an interesting idea! I'm all for it, but am at work for another 8hours and have a lot to do from tonight onwards, but I'll put the feelers out for an online tcg system that's free.

    Failing finding one, I know a great many people that could probably create plugins or similar in their sleep.

    Will poke around asche-style later on :)
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  2. TheFlyingPidove Missing the old days


    Very interesting idea! I love it~

    Oh, all of my (text-based) cards can be used for this, but it might be better if you use my more recent cards (the last 3 pages from my fakes thread).
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    From what Snoops has told me, Lackey is the only one thats free thats viable; he's the one that sorted the plugin as well for it (the Pokemon one).

    So the options there to use that for custom card tournies, but the prep work to add decks, cards, sets, info, etc is vast. An example of submission process would be:
    • Create text based card.
    • Send finished card to an image creator to make in Photoshop (much larger than 350x480 for resizing to be at it's best quality).
    • Both text based version and finished image sent to Snoops to add to the database and plugin.
      • Snoops has to add each one to the database, so that it can be searched for/researched within the program.
      • He also has to name them individually, so that they remain unique and don't cause issues.
      • Players should not rename anything, to avoid cards not showing in decks. (aka loading 59 instead of 60 cards, because someone changed a cards name and it doesn't correlate with the databases info).
    • Rinse and repeat.
    Obviously it's alot of work to get these things in and would heavily rely on Snoops himself for the main bulk. As he would also need hosting access somewhere as well, which is something else to think about.

    Then you have the jobs of balances decks/sets and image creator(s) making alot of cards. Which era would be the one people want to use is another one.

    Anywho, something to ponder :D
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  4. Snoops Aspiring Trainer


    Hey, to add to what Asche said. Lackey is really clunky and not that user friendly. That being said, I don't mind making a custom plugin if you can't find anything better. It's the only non-official online Pokemon TCG testing arena that I know of that's up to date. Of course someone else is welcome to maintain the plugin once it's set up as I won't be able to update it indefinitely. I can show you how.

    To avoid any take downs with The Pokémon Company I'd advise not including any official cards. Which is why I would like to keep it away from the original plugin and would need hosting space.

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    Sup everyone!
    I love this whole idea of this thread, and it got me really inspired. I also learnt about the tabletop simulator from Kavross , which is a program which has the potential to become a huge resource for my future projects. I got to say Tabletop Simulator looking amazing right now! It's easy to learn, and has like endless possibilities. But it is understandable if not everyone can to afford it, since it costs about 20 Euro/Dollars. Here is a pic of how it can look like (with possibilities of customazing damage counters, card backs, tablemat, etc).

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  6. NinJamezor More Huntail Please!


    This program looks really nice, I would definitely buy if I could right now.
  7. Nyan Staring into space again...

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    I am beyond interested in this, and you can check out my gallery on dA to see some cards from my Eternal Warriors set. Although I know a multitude of my cards are very unbalanced, I would like if we could discuss together some cards that can be playable!
  8. NinJamezor More Huntail Please!


    The Mega Glaceon EX is too broken with Aqua Patch and Mega Turbo.
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  9. pokesage101 Is WishiWashi GX the new Darkrai EX?


    The spreadsheet has been updated. I am holding off on adding a lot of text based sets, because they take time to convert.
  10. Feel free to add my image based cards if you'd like, maybe I'll have to make a set out of them
  11. Nyora A Cat


    My most recent fakes (rainy's random text fakes) may be used

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