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Standard ICExcalibur (Chien-Pao ex/Baxcalibur w/ tech)


The Angel That Flew Too Close To the Sun
3 Frigibax - Baby mon. Can replace one energy for Arctibax if you're scared of the item lock, lack of consistency, etc.
3 Baxcalibur - Basically a stage 2 Frosmoth that can attach anywhere.
3 Chein-Pao ex - Main attacker. (Pretty fluffy so you could replace a choice band with the HP Boosting tool to reach 270 hp)
1 Radiant Greninja - Draw support + Good anti-lost zone attacker
1 Lumineon V - Support support. Actually, wouldn't be a bad anti-lost zone attacker given its ability to put itself into the deck.
1 Drapion V - AntiMew. can still get energy from baxcalibur to attack with path in play.
1 Eiscue / Empoleon V - Both Pretty good anti-lost zone. Eiscue can be really annoying to deal with.
1 Articuno (POGO) - Damage boost and can help Chien pao with ohko-ing Mew without items or hitting 280 with a band.

3 Nest Ball
4 Ultra Ball
3 Rare Candy
4 Superior Energy Retrieval - This deck doesn't run palkia. Luckily, this item can get up to 4 energy from the discard for a pretty eh cost.
1 Super Rod - Pokemon and energy(emergency) retrieval
1 Lost Vacuum - Just in case.
1 Hisuian Heavy Ball
2 Forest Seal Stone - Omnisearch. Convenient for getting Bax.
1 Sky Seal Stone - Getting a lucky 4prize is just too worth it to me to not include this card.
2 Choice Band - Good for damage. Honestly, in a lot of cases, this could be replaceable with the new +50 hp for basic mons tool.

Support/Stadium: Feel like this could change based on playing with the deck. Also i suck with the support adding when deck building.
3 Iono - N + Marnie is crazy for this deck
3 Irida - Needed because is an instant bax getter. Can get hisuian heavy ball and tool/stadium removal.
3 Melony - Attachment + draw is really good for this deck.
1 Serena
1 Arven
3 Skaters Park - Can make good plays with retreated energies going into hand. Is also an annoying stadium for Gardevoir ex.

10 Water Energy

Plan isnt very difficult. Get energies into hand and onto pokemon so chien-pao can attack. Recover energies and keep attacking.
Hi suraci,

Nice list. Melony does not seem to work that well since it can only accelerate to either Lumineon V or Drapion V but not the other attackers. I like the inclusion of Articuno to boost Chien Pao ex as a 1-off tech in this list. Not sold on Eiscue since Sableye can take it out with ease now that the Water Special Energy has rotated that blocked it from being affected by effects such as damage counter placements. Also love the Skate Park inclusion.

cards I would take out:

- 1 Drapion V (with Articuno Chien Pao has no issues to deal with Mew Vmax and other tanks)
- 1 Eiscue (not as effective as it used to be versus Lost Box / not sold on Empoleon V either since Lost Box runs 3-4 Escape Rope)

+ 1 Squawkabilly ex (nice turn one Nest Ball target and consistency card; Glastier would be another alternative to consider vs 1-prizers)
+ 1 Arctibax (just in case you need the middle evolution)

- 1 Serena (more and more Pokémon ex or 1-prizers lurking around)
- 1 Arven (the deck is not particularly reliant on tools and has access to Irida)
- 3 Melony (the acceleration and draw only works with Pokémon V)

+ 3 Prof. research (still one of the best draw supporters out there)
+ 2 Boss' Orders (a stable in almost all decks since you want to take multiple prizes with Chien Pao ex)

- 2 Forest Seal Stone (with all Pokémon V gone there is no use for it)
- 1 Sky Seal Stone (see above)
- 1 Choice Belt (one should suffice)

+ 4 Battle VIP Pass (by the end of the day you are a setup deck that needs Baxchalibur out in addition to Chien Pao ex and others; also decent discard fodder)

potential modifications:

- 1 Superior Energy Retrieval (three seem to be sufficient)
- 1 Lost Vaccum (you have counter stadiums)

+2 Super Rod (alternate retrieval that can be used to captialize on Chien Pao exs ability combined with Skater Park to tutor out 4 Basic Water in one turn and accelerate all four of them again)

Personally I like the even break between Superior Energy Retrieval and Super Rod in this deck with Skate Park and two Chien Pao ex on the battlefield. Seems to be a little more versatile to me.