Pokemon How Do You Make Your Team?

Nekoban Ryo

If you could only have one static team, how would you decide what Pokémon to use? (In other words, if you were to have yourself -- as a Pokémon trainer -- drawn with your team, what party would you want by your side?)

Would you use your favorite Pokémon designs? Pokémon that have been with you since way back? Your lucky Shiny encounters? Or would try taking a more realistic approach and only use Pokémon you could see yourself having IRL?

I've been thinking about refreshing my main team since the release of Sun/Moon. Here's what I've come up with so far:


Dunsparce: My favorite Pokémon. I've considered Shiny Dunsparce my mascot Pokémon for several years now, but since I've never actually found a full-odds one (mine was chained), I don't feel like I deserve having one on my team. It might seem like a weird restriction, but that's just how my mind is working right now. Maybe I'll find a full-odds one eventually, but until then, regular Dunsparce it is.
Persian: I love cats (and have a lot IRL)
Shiny Flareon: One of my favorite full-odds Shinies
Shiny Porygon2: My favorite full-odds Shiny
Mothim: I also love moths! I prefer its Shiny colors, but, like Dunsparce, I've never found a full-odds Shiny one.
Skuntank: Because a skunk is sort of my dream pet. Its pre-evo also kind of reminds me of one of my cats.

I really would've liked to squeeze in Alolan Sandslash, but I find it hard to picture myself with one IRL... Dx
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So, I posted in another thread about my dream team. I'll copy it here for reference:

  • Prince the Umbreon. The main stay of any fantasy team that I make. Umbreon has long been my favourite, and will always be a staple.
  • Talon the Aerodactyl. A long time fossil favourite of mine.
  • Aquarius the Milotic. I used one in Omega Ruby and became very fond of it. Such a lovely creature.
  • Ennis the Luxray. I absolutely adore Luxray. Every chance I get to use one, I do.
  • Vino the Lycanroc (Midnight form). Used one on my Moon team, and just... Boom. Fell in love.
  • Evergreen the Lurantis. Used one on my Sun team, and also fell in love.

For a real life team, I would edit it slightly, and the reasoning would be slightly different for them.

  • Prince the Umbreon, because not only is he a mainstay, but I also have a tendency to be more active at night, therefore it would make sense that my Eeveelution would be the one that evolves at night.
  • Truffles the Mamoswine, because where I live, it gets cold. It can get as cold as -40°C during the winter, and we get blizzards. Mamoswine would make it significantly easier to get to Tim Horton's in the middle of a blizzard.
  • Aquarius the Milotic, because in the summer where I live, it gets pretty warm, and I'm about a half an hour bus ride away from a beautiful lake. Back home, I'm about a half an hour car ride away from multiple beaches. I've also always loved swimming, so having a swimming buddy would be lovely.
  • Robin the Reuniclus, because I have sensory issues stemming from autism, so Reuniclus' unique body structure would be perfect for touch-based stimulation. Also, he could give me strong hugs (pressure on my body when I'm stressed helps). Essentially a Service Pokémon.
  • Tesla the Rotom, because I'm always using electronics, so having a buddy who could join would be fun. Also, it could inhabit the lawnmower or snowblower at my place back home to give my step-dad a break from needing to mow the lawn/shovel!
  • Juno the Empoleon, because Piplup was my Grammie's favourite Pokémon, so it's sort of to honour her. I also really like Empoleon. Even the name is a reference to my Grammie, as her name was June. Also, I'd have another swimming buddy.