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Hello,FireLizard there,it's been a while.I'm just asking you a quick question:how did you discovered Pokèmon and how old you were when you discovered it?
I discovered it when I was around 6-7 years old,my friends introduced me to the franchise.
My first memory of Pokèmon was that my primary school best friend showed me a Snivy figure she picked from McDonald's,I was kinda confused of what she was doing.But I started loving Pokèmon when I saw my first Pokèmon episode,the one where Ash was fighting Clay(Black and White series)and Ash's Roggenrola evolved.I was so amazed after seeing that episode.
My friend was also a Pokèmon enthusiast,and every time I came into her house we always used to watch the BW episodes or play with the cards.Then I moved into another and I'd never seen her again.Those were such good times.
Despite being grown up with the 5th generation,my first game was X.Such good memories of that game.

What about you guys?How did you discovered Pokèmon?I'm really curious to know it!
My acquaintance with Pokemon began in elementary school, my first McDonald's figurine was Pikachu, which I still have, but tastes change over time.
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Funny enough, I think the main drive for me to get into Pokemon was actually Smash Brawl.
I also had some DS emulator which had both HeartGold and SoulSilver.
The Official Trainer Handbook. I read it sometime in high school like 2009ish. It was a gen 1 book with stats on all 151 pokemon. Then little later on i got a FireRed cartridge from the fleamarket that was actually a ChaosBlack Romhack but i didn't know that. I grew from there and got Sapphire as my first official game then Diamond.
Funny enough, I think the main drive for me to get into Pokemon was actually Smash Brawl.
I also had some DS emulator which had both HeartGold and SoulSilver.

That's very interesting!
I also knew some new series with Smash Bros,like Fire Emblem or Xenoblade Chronicles.
It's thanks to Ultimate that I started loving Corrin and the other FE waifus.
I was in elementary school and all the other kids were playing Pokemon. They probably weren't playing correctly but I wanted to play with them so I got a stack of cards at a flea market or something. Then all of my Pokemon cards got confiscated by a teacher. So instead of giving up like a normal person I started collecting more cards so that I would be able to play with the other kids again.
Cut to a year later when I had amassed enough cards to join in the game and the Pokemon fad had died out. Nobody really cared any more but I decided to keep collecting.

Some bonus information:
  1. I never did get those original cards back from the teacher. I asked her about them a year or so later and she didn't even remember it.
  2. I started attending a Pokemon club and during my first tournament I discovered that half the cards in my deck were fake(be careful when you buy off Ebay).
  3. I used the other kids disinterest to bolster my collection. A few years later, I was really getting into the game and wanted to new cards to I talked to all the kids you used to play and told them to bring their collections back. Then I bought them all. I made out pretty well considering that I was the only one who still knew what they were worth.
I discovered Pokemon when I was 10-11 years old. There was a cartoo series on TV and everybody watched it. I heard the title from one of my classmates or my brother told me about it... I don't remember. It was so long ago...I quickly became a crazy fan collecting everything Pokemon-related: cards, calendars, stickers, posters etc. It was such a tragedy when the series came up to an end.
Now that I think about it, I'm not sure how exactly I discovered Pokémon...
I know I had a Pikachu toy back in the early '00s. A cute little thing for sure, but... I can't recall ever knowing what Pokémon was at the time. I probably watched the anime (as most kids did, I'm sure) but... yup, zero memories of actually being into Pokémon (just yet).
I'm pretty sure I got properly introduced to Pokémon by my best friend at the time, a few months into Gen. IV. He, like most of my classmates, had begun playing Pokémon during the third generation, and a few of them had just made the transition to the DS just to play D/P. I actually already had a DS of my own at the time, so my friend took this opportunity to try to get me into the games. It took a little while before I grew attached to Pokémon, but by mid-2008 he could claim victory. I began actively following the anime (they were releasing S11 at the time) and played a couple of spin-offs, too. Platinum was big between us three kids who stuck with Pokémon (lol) and HG was the most fun I ever had playing vidya. Good times. ^^
It bugs me that I can't explain why I feel like I knew Pokémon (or at least some aspect of it) before Gen. IV, but I guess this is as accurate as I can tell it.

I learned about Pokemon from my best friend.
Best friends ftw!

Then all of my Pokemon cards got confiscated by a teacher. So instead of giving up like a normal person I started collecting more cards so that I would be able to play with the other kids again.
This reminds me of all the effort we would put into hiding our handhelds from our teachers. I'm absolutely certain that they noticed anyway, but just gave up after confiscating them for the 100th time.
I remember some friends of mine telling me about the series years ago when talking about what TV shows they'd been watching lately. This was before I even realised what Pokemon was or had heard of it. I decided to give the show a go, and thought it had some great action in it, and it became one of my favourite shows to watch for a short while after that. Since I used to enjoy watching action cartoons as a kid.

I've been a fan of the series ever since.
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I was 6 or 7 and I remember getting 2 packs of cards in my stocking for Christmas. I started watching the Anime and became a big fanatic. Then I remember getting Shield last year and being like “Wtf is this game”
TCG. My older sister bought me a pack when I was 6 or 7. I started collecting, and was then introduced to the video games when my parents got me Pokemon X on Christmas Eve. I always knew about the anime, but didn't watch it a lot.
I do not remember exactly in what year or in 2015 or 2016, I then specifically for the sake of this went to McDonald's and had to choose a certain set of food and pay through a terminal, I do not remember all the details, but of course, I will never forget that I got then Jigglypuff. I was also very upset at the time, I really wanted it to be Pikachu
I was about 3 years old when I got my very first Pokémon cards. My earliest memories are looking through cards on the couch with my dad, and Pokémon cards were the first trading cards I ever collected. While the passion faded to different sports and TCG's like YuGiOh!, a certain respect has always stayed. And, seeing where the market is now... I really wish I could find my oldest ones! -G