hotest decks out there


ok anyways. your Flyzard deck will be more consistant when you get the access to these new basic metal energies. =)


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Any way cant wait to see what sort of deck's that arise from the release of basic metal and dark energies as well as the current decks that will benifit also. Any ideas?


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Mercury gets a huge jump....and starmie d in general. Flytech also gets to throw in a few basic metals...researchable and suppliable. Basic darks are a format too late...not sure on anything that will gain from them atm, but basic metals definately help some decks out.


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I run torterra x with vespiquen but there will be so many infernape players. Then again, if i run into any empoleon x then i will be ok.

my scizor ex deck has been destroyed because of the basic metal energy, i used to be able to reduce 80 damage with 4 metal energies a steel wing and buffer peice, but noww it doesn't reduce 10 per metal energy.


I think one of the hottest deck is 2nd Place World Champion 2006 Jimmy Ballard's Eeveelutions Deck where all the EX evolutions (before DP) of Eevees are there. Even though he didn't made it as a Champ, I still think that he's quick yet powerful deck is hot.

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groudon and charizard...the best...
Hey there are several deck ideas that you have learned about but listen to this...Ho-oH ex and exploud ex with emerald exploud gligar and at least 1 of each energy, use lanettes net search and switches and warp points and use boosts too. ive made this all by myself ... just off the top of my head i fixed it up and won 4th and 2nd in regoinals