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They did a poor job capturing how Paras and Parasect are Hisui's satan spawn in Legends with these cards.


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Sneasler gives virbank city gym vibes, sadly garbodor is rotating cuz that could be a pretty sick rouge combo


I doubt the deck gets to do anything in the West without Net, which will rotate before we get these, but keep an eye on Japanese tournaments for this since they have the Curry card to get the burn as well and suddenly they OHKO the format for free (330 with Sneasler, 340 with Hawlucha into exactly VMAXes). Nothing to sneeze at, and being able to not play any energy at all might make it deceptively consistent. You can fit quite a bit of draw and search alongside 4 h!Electrode and a 4-3/3-2 Parasect line, even playing 4 Curry, 4 Net and 4 Mechanical Arm, and Turffield's an easy stadium choice that's also a consistency buff to pick out Parasects. We might have another Vikavolt on our hands (i.e. a deck that does well in Japan/Taiwan that we never get here because of rotation and set releases) if it comes together.


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Hisuian Electrode V + Parasect + Team Horn Yell=300 damage for free.
That's pretty epic.
I think h.electrode need more setup, instead of yell horn use spicy seasoned kare. But to use spicy seasoned kare h.electrode must have token so we can brought gapejaw bog stadium. I think shady dealer is good engine for this setup


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No, it's 210 damage after poison, 220 if you play the new Radiant Sneasler. So you can Boss KO evolving Vs going first for no energy at all. All that extra space can be used for extra consistency in that initial setup (VIP Pass, x4 Mechanical Arm, Bibarel, Crobat, Lumineon, etc.)
What I mean is that it’s excessively clunky in order to 2HKO VSTARs/VMAXes. Sure you can OHKO evolving Vs on turn 2 going first, but after two turns it completely loses all of its steam and then starts getting OHKO’d by everything (it deals poison damage to itself, too). We’re also just losing so much that this deck would need to rely on by the time we even get it in English, namely Scoop Up Net to reuse Parasect’s ability.