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Heavy Lugia TDK (Fall Tins)


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So with the release of the fall tins just days a way I was hoping to finally build a fairly competitive. I was planing on basing it around the Plasma Storm Lugia & simply abuse its ability which allows you to take an extra prize when you K.O. an opponents active pokemon with Lugia.
  • 1 Thunderus EX
  • 2 Lugia EX
  • 3 Deoxys EX
  • 3 Kyurem
  • 2 Frozen City
  • 4 Professor Juniper
  • 2 N
  • 3 Shadow Triad
  • 3 Colress
  • 4 Colress Machine
  • 3 Plasma Ball
  • 2 Ultra Ball
  • 4 Pokemon Catcher
  • 3 DCE
  • 4 Plasma
  • 4 Prism
  • 3 Blend (Water/ Electric)
50/60 cards = 10 spaces. Having not actually played this deck yet these are the minimum of each card I imagine that I would Need. There are 10 spaces that I have to fill.
The basic strategy is to try K.O. 2 of your opponents Ex's (or 3 Non EX's) taking 3 Prizes each time with Lugia. Lugia's attack only dose 120 damage, 50 damage short of K.O.ing the average EX. This is where Kyurem & Deoxys come in handy. Kyurem's frost spear can do 30 to the Active (more if Deoxys are on your bench) & 30 to the bench. This means with one Deoxys on the bench a Kyurem is seting up a EX K.O. for the next turn from Lugia. If you had no Deoxys on your bench then they would take 20 damage from any energy attachments (assuming they aren't a Plasma Pokemon) again setting up for a Lugia K.O.

All help/ ideas for improvement are welcome, especially what to fill the remaining spaces with. Thank you in advance.

Missed out a few cards, Tool Scrapper, Float stone & Switch, how many of each should i use? 3-2-3 respectively? Which would still leave 2 spare slots
I'd use 2 Tool Scrapper so you can use it a second time in the game. I think it really would be better to run Switch than Float Stone for this deck with all the Tool Scrapper usage. You also seem to not have an Ace Spec in the deck. I believe Dowsing Machine would be the best one for this deck since you can recover whatever trainer you need since i noticed you aren't running any Sableye.
The 10 spares should be filled like this:
  • 2 Tool Scrapper
  • 4 Switch
  • 1 Float Stone
  • 1 Dowsing Machine
  • 2 Skyla
Seems like a pretty legit deck list now. Is there anything else I'm missing or simply don't need in.
-3 Shadow Triad

+2 N
+1 Deoxys

Shadow triad is not a supporter you want to be using for your 1 per turn slot, and I would highly recommend keeping the Deoxys line at 4, because if you're not doing enough damage with this deck, you're losing.
The reason I was using shadow triad was to get back any plasma energy discarded by Lugia's plasma gale, or to get back colress machines to help the chance of a T2/3 Lugia O.K. I still need to do some testing so I'll try with & without shadow triads, see which sets up quickest & doesn't die late game.
Thanks man.
If anything, use 1 shadow triad. Thundurus does the job of plasma energy recovery and acceleration. Granted with only 1 it may be a problem. But still shadow triad might only be a useful card in something like VirGen, as it gets back the ace spec.