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Hello PokeBeach readers, it’s me again! Giratina VSTAR has recently shown itself as the best deck in the current Standard format, winning the Portland, Charlotte, and Melbourne Regional Championships this year! It also came second at the Liverpool Regional Championships. Also, it made the Top 4 of the Knoxville Regional Championships, with a Giratina VSTAR player having made it to Top 4 or better at the past six Regionals to have taken place.
However, when we look at the end of the Obsidian Flames format and the beginning of the Paradox Rift format, Giratina VSTAR was struggling to perform, with only two Giratina VSTAR players making the Top 8 of LAIC, Brisbane Regionals, Gdansk Regionals, and Stuttgart Regionals. There are several factors for why I believe that Giratina VTSTAR rose to prominence, and the first one is the significant shifts that have happened in the metagame ever since LAIC...

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