Gholdengo ex, Hoopa ex, and Illustration Rares from “Raging Surf” Revealed!

The illustration rares for Plusle and Minun are actually pretty neat in combination. You can infer that the team Plusle and the red shirted kid in the background are cheering for scored a point over Minun and blue shirt's team by their reactions. It's fun when card art has a kind of story!
It's a pretty cool/cute story art combination
Hoopa ex makes Darkrai VSTAR a better deck. Hits harder earlier. Provides type coverage.
Gholdengo ex gives me 2-prizer BBlowns vibes. If we can find a way to consistently get the energy into hand, deck has a LOT of potential.
Lapras, Octillery, Plusle/Minum, Thievul, Shauntal, and Parasol Lady all look unplayable.
Gholdengo is really good, you can play it like the dialga decks with 20 energy without the magnezone, superior retrieval kinda breaks
As a Dialga player I can tell you that without the Magnezone you are a sitting duck with no engine, and even with retrieval, you only average 5 or so energies in hand, dealing 250 dmg, not enough to hit VStars or Stage 2 exs, so Gholdengo probably will not see play in Dialga.
For Shauntal, you're using your supporter for a turn to play both a Pokemon Catcher or a switch, but only ever one at a time, and you can't control which one of those two cards it becomes...
I'd put this next to Molyane, or Ortega for supporter cards that just don't deserve using your supporter for a turn.
We need a shuffle draw Supporter that is better than Shauna, and Parasol Lady is not it. Pretty lame that Iono is the defacto best shuffle draw Supporter while also being a disruption Supporter at the same time.
My favorite arts here are both versions of Plusle & Minun and Octillery.

Hoopa ex is not very interestingly designed...pretty typical Basic 2-prizer.

Shauntal is bafflingly bad. I would understand it if Boss' Orders wasn't reprinted in this block and they were planning on this being a (much) less powerful replacement for when it rotates, but it was, really makes no sense. What possible use case could this card have??
Lapras: depressing as always.

Octillary: would be good if we still had Scoop-Up Net

Plusle/Minun: interesting, but not entirely worth 2 bench space.

Hoopa ex: seems like a counter to Gardevoir ex, but that tera Fighting makes it weak to Psychic. A true loss.

Thievul: no.

Gholdengo my beloved: not bad, its one energy cost isn't terrible considering the attack being useable, maybe pair it with Chien-Pao for maximum energy cycling. As far as Gimmighoul goes, it feels a little too risky to run both with Lost Box still running amok, but that 1 energy retreat is too tempting. I can see it being played, but not to an extreme extent.

Shauntal: Just run Boss.

Parasol Lady isn't terrible. If you want to judge but don't want to effect your opponent's hand, this is your best bet.
Yuka Morii Octillery, Mantyke Art Rare, and both versions of Parasol Lady are looking like my chase cards