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Standard Genesect EX/Bronzong

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by PineDog, May 24, 2016.

  1. PineDog Random TCG Trainer


    When Fates Collide first released, I wrote off Genesect EX as a sub-par EX, nothing more than maybe a wall for metal decks. However recently I looked at it again, and realized the potential of it. So I made a decklist for Genesect supported by Bronzong, please tell me if there's anything that must be fixed, anything that could be changed, gracias!

    Pokémon: 17
    • 3 Genesect EX
    • 2 Bronzong BREAK
    • 3 Bronzong (Phantom Forces)
    • 3 Bronzor
    • 1 Aegislash EX
    • 1 Heatran
    • 1 Registeel
    • 2 Shaymin EX
    Trainers/Supporters/Stadiums: 33
    • 2 Professor Sycamore
    • 2 Shauna
    • 2 N
    • 2 Lysandre
    • 1 AZ
    • 1 Hex Maniac
    • 3 Fighting Fury Belt
    • 3 Float Stone
    • 4 Max Elixer
    • 1 Eco Arm
    • 3 Ultra Ball
    • 3 VS Seeker
    • 3 Battle Compressor
    • 2 Trainer Mail
    • 1 Escape Rope
    • 1 Max Potion
    Energy: 10
    • 10 Metal Energy
    Last edited: May 28, 2016

  2. Ivy_Profen Aspiring Trainer


    I would suggest 3 float stones and 3 fighting fury belt. Muscle band is kinda meh imo. Since you can just slap on 1 more energy.

    I also found 10 energy good. Though I have not tried max elixer.

    Jolteon almost completely walls this deck. I suggest trying registeel. It may not damage jolteon. But it can discard the energy to prevent it from attacking if they miss an energy drop. It also ohko regice.

    You may also want to try max potion. It helps greatly after genesect discards all its energy from attacking. It can heal then float to the bench to let newly charged genesect attack.

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