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    Having participated in the March (and entered the April) Create a Card contest, I feel ready to create a text-based fake set. This set will consist of roughly 60 cards and I will hopefully post at least one card per day. The set will feature cards that have abilities and attacks involving the lost zone, as well as cards designed to strengthen other archetypes. I'm not going to have any filler cards, and that's why the set is so small. If a Pokémon has (L) before its name, it means that it is a lost Pokémon (trainer cards can be Lost cards as well). Some cards in the set affect only lost cards. Lost cards can evolve from normal Pokémon. As real cards, it would be signified by a capital L under the text similar to team plasma cards.
    So, for cards one through four:
    (L) Dhelmise [G] HP 100
    Ability: Lost Navigation
    If this card is in the lost zone, you can discard 2 cards from your hand. Then, search your deck for a stadium card, reveal it, and put it into your hand. This Pokémon cannot use this ability again during this game.
    [G][C] Energy Ball: 90
    W: [R] R: Ret: [C][C]
    This is the main gimmick of lost cards. You discard cards from your hand to activate their abilites from the lost zone.
    Roselia [G] HP 70
    [C] Poison Sting
    The defending Pokémon is now poisoned.
    [G] Magical Leaf: 20
    This attack's damage isn't affected by Weakness or Resistance
    W: [R] R: Ret: [C]
    Roserade [G] HP130
    [G][G] Petal Blizzard
    Put 3 damage counters on each of your opponent's Pokémon
    [G][G] Solar Beam
    At the end of your next turn, put 12 damage counters on your opponent's active pokémon. (If your opponent''s active pokémon changes, put the damage counters on the new active pokémon.)
    W: [R] R: Ret: [C]
    and as a taster for what's coming tomorrow...
    Chikorita [G] HP60
    [C] Tackle: 10
    W: [R] R: Ret: [C]
    And that's all for today. Check back tomorrow for Meganium and (L) Shaymin GX

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    So today has us looking at Bayleef, Meganium, and the set's first GX - (L) Garchompcrescent's Shaymin GX (Shaymin is my favorite Pokémon)
    Before we begin: Weather!
    Weather cards will be coming later in the sets and are played by using abilities, attacks, and trainer cards. Meganium has an ability involving weather. If a new weather card comes into play, the old one gets put into the lost zone (because that is the set gimmick after all).
    So going from worst to best:
    Bayleef [G] HP90
    [C][C] Slam: 50
    [G][C] Razor Leaf: 70
    W: [R] R: Ret: [C]

    Meganium [G] HP160
    Ability: Leaf Guard
    Once during your opponent's turn, if the weather is sunny and this Pokémon would take damage, you may discard an energy attached to this Pokémon. Halve the damage from that attack. (If the new number ends in a 5, round up).
    [C][C] Sunny day
    Search your deck for a weather card with 'sun' in its name and put it into play.
    [G][C][C] Giga Drain: 80
    Heal from this Pokémon the same amount of damage the defending Pokémon took from this attack -20
    W: [R] R: Ret: [C][C]

    (L) Garchompcrescent's Shaymin GX [G] HP170
    Ability: Lost Gratitude
    Once during your turn, before you attack, if this Pokémon is on your bench you can use one of the following effects:
    • Heal 100 damage from each of your (L) Pokémon in play
    • Put 2 cards from the Lost Zone into your hand
    You can only use one 'Lost Gratitude' ability per game

    [G][G][G] Thankfulness
    Remove as many damage counters as you like from you opponent's Active Pokémon. Then, draw a card for each damage counter you removed.

    [G] Seed Flare GX
    Heal all damage from 2 of your benched Pokémon
    And that's that! Grass types are over, so fire begins tomorrow.
    I have plans for two more sets after this one and a miniset after each one
    so this is LZ1 and I will be taking requests for LZ1+, which will be called Gym Legends and feature gym leaders from various generations
    Fire away and I'll pick the best requests. Feedback on the cards is always good as well
    Thanks for reading
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