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Aspiring Trainer
Hello, all!

I've been working on a mod for the old Game Boy TCG and doing a complete remaster of the old sets, implementing new mechanics and doing lots of experiments. I thought I would share some of it here, and see how you like it.

Main Differences From the Base Game
1. Introduction of the Darkness type, which includes basically Poison and Ghost types.
2. Introduction of Supporter Trainer cards.
3. Status conditions like Sleep and Poison remain on Benched Pokémon.
4. All Status conditions allow for Retreat.
5. Poison only deals damage on the user's turn.
6. Sleep check is done only before attacking (basically a multi-turn Smokescreen).
7. Confusion only deals 10 damage.
8. Retreat costs and attack costs have been massively reduced.
9. HP has been increased overall, still within the 120 limit.
10. Whenever possible, Stage 1 cards have received a boost in utility, to make them useful by themselves, and not just a bridge to Stage 2.

It goes without saying that inspiration for all these ideas came from various sources, including some of the works we have seen published here, for which I am grateful.

So far, this is a work in progress. I have mostly reworked the Psychic and Darkness types, and I am currently refining the design for the other types.

I'll post a bunch of pictures here, showcasing some of the main attractions.

poketcg_rebalanced.pngpoketcg_rebalanced (1).pngpoketcg_rebalanced (2).pngpoketcg_rebalanced (3).pngpoketcg_rebalanced (7).pngpoketcg_rebalanced (8).pngpoketcg_rebalanced (9).pngpoketcg_rebalanced (10).pngpoketcg_rebalanced (13).pngpoketcg_rebalanced (15).png