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Tomokazu Komiya

He's cool. Sorta.
I'm gonna get Firemist. I just LOVE fire and fighting- my two favorite types. This will probably be my favorite theme deck, with Golden Sky right behind. (That one wasn't as good because it had the nasty Tomokazu Komiya Slugma and Magcargo.)

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I need the latias deck.
you guys don't have to feel sad, in Belgium, they kept the same actore, but when I watch a movie in dutch, all the voices are different, and it gets really irritating, that's why I prefer watching them in English, I hope these new voices don't sound too diferent

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^they are rare, in decks they always have a page in the rulebook where they say what you could change


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"It's not like Ash is going to be replaced by... One Piece Luffy"

You fiend!

Eh, to save myself some time, I'll just post what I said on

Some of the quality of the voice recording became iffy at points, you could hear the quality drop, I don't know why they didn't bother to fix it, unless it was just my TV's reception or something.

Ash is horrendous. But then, so was his old voice. TIE
May is ridiculous. Her old voice was too annoying, this one's too older-sounding. I'll probably get used to it though. WIN
Max sounded identical to Ash at points, it was hard to tell who was talking between the two of them. They need to work to differentiate. PENDING
Misty is better, and Oak is irrelevant when you think about it. Joy is fine, Jenny is fine, Brock is horrible, but I don't like him anyway.

Dr. Yung brought some actual quality to the voice extras, don't know if that's just because it's a special or if everyone will finally stop sounding like one of the main characters at a different pitch and unneeded accent now.

Music was amazing. Again, is it just because it's a special, or is it finally the end of bad synthesizing? I hope it's the latter. In terms of Pokémon, I was hoping they might abandon unneeded name repetition for some Pokémon that might be fine with just normal grrs and grunts, but if I base it on Aggron, that's out of the picture.

Team Rocket. Only thing I care for, really.
Jessie - better.
James - a hell of a lot worse.
Meowth - a hell of a lot worse. I knew nothing could beat or even come close to the Meowth we had, which even surpassed the Japanese Meowth.
Wobbuffet - Wobbuffet got back his old voice!!! Like, sometime late last year, his voice totally changed, and then sort of reverted to an impression, but I could still tell it wasn't right. Whoever voiced him apparently left 4Kids, and joined whoever's dubbing it now. Hooray

Only losses: whoever did Meowth, and Eric Stuart. Whoever is doing Ash and I really presume Max should try to differentiate their voices and also work to improve Ash's a bit, and a similar thing with May, who sounded too similar to Joy. Voices are good, but some need to be more unique because I did get confused as to who was talking at a few points due to similarity in voices.

And intro sucked what was that and what was the song and what even HAPPENED?

For a Delta Species set, there aren't enough Delta Species cards for me to buy the decks. FloodRush is wicked incomplete, too.

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whaaaaaaaaa, already, tape it, tape it, tape it :D
I need to see that

<finaly released why there's almost nobody on the beach, they're all watching mastermind :D


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Those sound like pretty good decks and I can't wait for them as well as the set. If you are wondering why I am here tonight it is because somebody here in the park has wi fi and they have a sattelite and I don't know how long it will last so we are really lucky and we have signed up for starbucks wifi in canada because it is cheaper and we are thousand trails members too.:)


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Re: 5 tournament winner pins

These have been offered from our OP for some time now. Basically, win 5 tournament winners pins at tournaments (generic pins, not specific to certain tournaments), such as prereleases for winners of age groups or similarly for premier events/local tournaments with pin prizes. Then, here at least, send them to our OP along with Name, address, etc.

You then get sent a special "5 winners pin" which signified that you have won 5 tournaments. So far, only one person has been reported to get one in the UK so far - Sami S, winner of the London Regionals in 15+ this year.

I'll be heading to the INTL Prof Cup next weekend, so I'll get a hold of one of those deckboxes and take a photo of it for the site.

I like how its always a 3 stage family that become the City/States/Nats promos. But here in the UK this year, States were replaced by Regionals, so we'll be getting the Regional Stamped Golem instead of the State Stamped Loudred. I wonder if we'll end up getting Loudred at Nats...

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yes nothing like luffy, though ash does sound weird. anyway i already got latios theme deck at the pre-release and it was awesome, and i traded my latios for a 3rd gyarados (metal one). sweetness.

Arcanine out.