'Forbidden Light,' Japan's SM6 Set!

i think people are missing its 30 PLUS
your opponent only needs 2 energy on it to hit for 90. in a dimension valley deck thats 1 psychic for 90 damage thats good and if thy have 3 its 120 = musBand thats 160 for an energy.
i think its decent for a non ex/gx . i see it as a 1-1 in my espy/garb deck for A-ninetales and things like that
Oh my gosh i feel like im the only person that uses judge instead of N. I will be super happy if it gets a full art
I don't think Judge will get a FA card, since it comes before Bonnie in the set, and there's no FA space between Diantha (101) and Bonnie (102). Maybe in the SM6a or SM6b sets if you're lucky :p
  • Judge - Now we complete the 15 trainer cards for Forbidden Light. And it is also saved by the rotation. Maybe in SM-on, people will run 1 copy of this.
  • Tyrantrum - good ability... on a Stage 2, plus the fact that the atk doesn't spam DCE, and the fact that it is evolved from a Fossil which is almost impossible to RC it. 2-3 Geodudes
  • Scatterbug - this evil butterfly took Chespin's spot in this set. Anyways, we see this "Ultra Evolution" on an Abra from Mysterious Treasures, but on a coin flip. The one with ability is good but they didn't realized that FOGP is banned in Expanded. Too bad. 2 Geodudes.
  • Noibat/Noivern - Good with Shining Celebi for destroying Item Cards on your opponent so that Garb will spam it. But being a 100 HP Pokemon lets it down. 3 Geodudes
  • Rockruff - why do we struggle for the 60 HP and getting jealous to the Ash Rockruff in Japan if we'll get this in Sm6, I'll be guessing DuskLyc will be in there. The one that has a downgraded Midnight's GX atk.
  • Amaura/Aurorus - Same problem with Tyrantrum. Good but its a Stage 2 and being evolved from a Fossil problem. 2-3 Geodudes
  • Pheromosa - It's basically Dusk Mane but it 10 dmg lower and unspammable with DCE. 3 Geodudes
  • Clawitzer - Too complicated to use given the fact that its HP is vulnerable to Standard OHKO range. 2-3 Geodudes
  • Klefki - Plain Meh. 1 Geodude
  • Furfrou - Ehhh. 1 Geodude
The "Greninja-GX may not be played from your lap." clause kills its viability for me. If not for that I'd want to build a deck for it. Why only just now introduce that clause :(

...Jokes aside, I think it's sort of interesting how Zygarde 50% hits harder if the GX attack has been used, it fits well with Zygarde GX 100%. Kind of surprised 10% doesn't have anything for it, though. I wonder if we'll wind up getting more stuff that works with this kind of archetype that's coming up around Zygarde?
I've been going through the livestream and have so far spotted the Goomy line (with 2 different Goomy cards, Sliggoo and Goodra holo) and Diggersby (confirming that Bunnelby will be in the set too), as well as something that, to me at least, looks like a Guzzlord holo

Edit: With the reveal of Guzzlord, it makes me wonder: Which Ultra Beast(s) won't appear in the English Forbidden Light? We have a confirmed number of 6, but right now we have 7 Ultra Beasts - Ultra Necrozma, Naganadel and Poipole who are all confirmed, and then Pheromosa, Buzzwole, Xurkitree and now Guzzlord as well.
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What if we do something like an item lock (trev maybe?) with garbodor (trashalance) and that noibat.

I love the judge card and I am ecstatic to hear it gets a reprint...
Picking out the best cards:


Guzzlord/Aurorous is obviously going to be the best deck in format!

(Just kidding.)