News First 'Sun & Moon' English Set News!

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Pourquoi cette post est en français...?
That is weird. Anyone know? Maybe to make the point about wanting macarons? Probably, it makes perfect sense in Google Translate when usually the translations are off by a bit.

Maintenant vous m'avez laissé macarons craving, l'eau Pokémon maître ....


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I also strongly dislike the yellow borders. At this point I think it's more of a "brand identity" thing for them than counterfeiting or anything like that.

It looks especially bad with the SM templates that still include the light grey below the picture and even overlapping the yellow border at the bottom of the card. Really awful from a design standpoint.
Actually it looks really nice, I managed to snag one of the theme decks last weekend when they started randomly popping up. The cards all look really nice, and the new bar at the bottom looks fine. The issue I have with the cards is the text about the pokemon at the bottom. Its just a block of text, and it looks really ugly


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I got the Bruxish pack myself, ended up winning 2 out of 4. Both of my losses were to Crobats. The one good card that I pulled from my pre-tournament packs was actually a really sweet card (Rainbow Lunala-GX Hyper Rare!), but I didn't pull a single Cosmog so I absolutely no use for it in my deck. :(

I saw a lot of Crobat and Passimian in the matches I played and watched, and a friend even started building an actual Passimian deck for fun.

(Pre-Release was in Arnhem, Netherlands, for the record)


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I hope the kunala GX promo gets a new attack because it sevearly lacks compared to Solgaleo GX. 3 energies for 230 damage but 4 for 120, yea, no. Rly? #OpSolgaleo