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Standard fight alone lucario

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by pikachuuuu101, Sep 19, 2017.

  1. pikachuuuu101 Custom Title


    4 x Riolu
    4 x Lucario
    1 x Drampa GX
    4 x Professor Sycamore
    4 x N
    4 x Guzma
    3 x Hala
    2 x Skyla
    2 x Nest Ball
    4 x Captivating Poke Puff
    4 x Ultra Ball
    2 x Professor's Letter
    2 x Super Rod
    1 x Rescue Stretcher
    1 x Enhanced Hammer
    2 x Reverse Valley
    1 x Switch
    4 x Choice Band
    11 x Metal Energy - Basic

    60 cards

    this card has always been interesting to me, ever since it has been released. The metagame seems good for it now with turn one Bridgette and Gardevoir running around and letting you hit for upwards of 200 damage for two energy.
    the strategy is simply to only have one benched pokemon at a time, and deal massive damage with fight alone
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2017

  2. KabuTopgun Revived Ninja.


    Hmm, this is an interesting deck, though your 6 cards short so it's not legal... Just add Field Blower, a couple extra Tools and Professor's Letter, Energy Retrieval and some energy.
    Wouldn't Reverse Valley suit this a bit better than Po Town? You're evolving too and this deck is fragile; I'd rather help my Lucario's survive than hurt them...
    Definitely support using a Stadium of some description though; I would be wary of someone playing Parallel City on themselves as soon as they realise your strategy with Pokepuff(unorthodox, granted, but it's best to assume your opponent can think on their toes).
    Alongside Pokepuff you might also consider BuddyBuddy Rescue; though they might just retrieve an evolution anyway.
    The only other thing is that the nature of the deck makes for a light Basic count. 4 Talonflame might fit here as you can search as needed and it has free retreat. Still takes a spot on the bench though, so won't give time to evolve Riolu without taking a hit itself unless you don't need max damage...

    I would be aiming to use Choice Band over Wishful Baton; your main attack costs two energy, after all, and with a difference of two pokemon it can help hit 180. Though maybe using Bodybuilding Dumbells is the way to go; if their Bench is full and you have one backup Lucario then you're already dealing enough to KO anything in the game. With Dumbbell's Lucario is out of Golisopod range, which is huge, and if combined with Reverse Valley Lucario is a tad tankish for a non-GX Stage 1. Just a shame we can't use Special Energy for greater defense; sucks to fall to Metagross GX which you need full power to KO.

    Definitely like the anti-meta aspect though; about time people were punished for using Tapu Lele to grab their favourite supporter every time. The trouble is that they might figure it out before playing Brigette; if you go first and equip Riolu with a Steel Energy then that narrows down what you're up to...

    I was actually thinking of running a Solo Lucario deck using the one from Burning Shadows; just troll them with Stance so they can't get KO's without using Guzma; little tricky to sustain but if it works you should be able to 2-hit anything without them being able to fight back...
  3. CaptZero Aspiring Trainer


    That's why you play Captivating Pokepuff.
  4. KabuTopgun Revived Ninja.


    Thanks, but that doesn't actually do anything to resolve what I referenced; last time I checked Pokepuff doesn't play Pokemon from their deck. So yes, that helps the deck overall, but it doesn't guarantee the early aggression that was being commented upon. If they *do* play Brigette, which is what I was discussing, they will play the Pokemon to their bench themselves(or why bother?); not so if they simply play something else. So Pokepuff is no more effective early on than in later turns in terms of how many hits you will get.
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2017
  5. Luis Rodriguez Aspiring Trainer
    Luis Rodriguez


    I wouldnt use Lele to Brigette if i saw a Riolu on my opponent's side of the field. The worst thing about Lucario is that your opponent has the control on your dmg.

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