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  1. Celever Wheeeee~


    I really like a lot of eeveelutions, so it becomes really difficult to choose! I love both Glaceon and Leafeon because they're in the classic Gen IV style, but I also love Umbreon and Espeon for a similar reason, as well as their inclusion in Pokémon Colosseum, which is my favourite game in the series. Flareon is really cute, whereas Vaporeon is sleek. Sylveon always has a special place in my heart too, as its reveal in the Gen VI hype train was done so expertly, and XY was my first time really getting involved in the speculation.

    I always have a hard time narrowing down my favourite eeveelution. From each generation, my favourite in Gen I is Flareon, my favourite in Gen II is Umbreon and my favourite Gen IV is an absolute tie! :p

  2. Wechselbalg


    I have to agree with the people choosing Umbreon, it really does have the best design and is useful both in the VGC and in the TGC. I also like Leafeon and Sylveon.
  3. Clefairykin Aspiring Trainer


    Don't make me choose! I love them ALL! ;A;

    Jolteon: This is my favorite Electric type to this day. It's super speedy, and whenever I play Yellow I box my Pikachu for it. :x
    Vaporeon: This thing is pretty tanky, and is very majestic to look at!
    Flareon: It may not be the greatest of the bunch, but it is super cute and fluffy!
    Espeon: SO MAJESTIC. Plus, I recently did a run with it in Black 2 and it was the best member of my team. Long live Kirigiri!
    Umbreon: Easily my least favorite of the bunch, but I do like that it can take a hit.
    Leafeon: I have been wanting this thing since Gen 1. I would always try to throw a Leaf Stone on my Eevee to make it evolve into one to no avail. Needless to say, I was really happy when one came out in Gen 4.
    Glaceon: I used one competitively before and really enjoyed it! Plus, it's super cute!
    Sylveon: This guy has been making the decision of what my favorite Eeveelution is since it first came out. I absolutely love Fairy typing!

    Ugh... I guess I will have to go with Leafeon since it was my pipe dream as a kid.
  4. LatiosKing2216 Finally a good SM Vaporeon card?


    Of course mine is Vaporeon. But the reason I love it so much is that it's just so versatile! It's a Pokemon that is powerful in almost every main game, (access to surf, aurora beam and high stats while also usually being obtainable pretty early) as well as a bunch of side games like Conquest and Ranger. Not to mention it's so adorable that I can't help but want to pinch its cute little cheeks! (although the same can be said for the other eeveelutions too)

    With this in mind, it annoys me greatly that apparently an Entei was able to easily defeat a Vaporeon in this movie. Sure you could make up some legendary Pokemon/level difference excuse, but considering the bad matchup that Entei has and the near legendary strength that Vaporeon has (and how much I love it), it still really grinds my gears.
  5. Xys Otherworldly Trainer


    Vaporeon, it was the eeveelution I chose in Pokémon fire red back when I had a choice.
  6. Tom Phillips crobat collector
    Tom Phillips

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    My favorite is Umbreon.
  7. GekkisaiDaiNi <haha xd wtf do I put here>


    *is still the only one whos favourite is Jolteon*

  8. GrandPanacea Thread Necromancer

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    If it makes you feel better, a friend of mine loves Umbreon. She doesn't use this site, but she's told me a number of times that Jolteon is her favourite.
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  9. Nekoban Ryo Fake Card Artist, Moth Freak, Fossil/Shiny-Hunter
    Nekoban Ryo


    Vaporeon: I love its stock Sugimori art and prefer most of its past sprites. I used to consider it my favorite, but I don't use it in the 3DS games because its model looks weird (the neck area seems too short).

    Jolteon: This one's always been one of my least favorite Eeveelutions. Not only does it not look cuddly at all, but it's also one of the most dog-like members of the family and I've never considered myself a dog person. I do like some of its art, though.

    Flareon: The most adorable in the anime and I really like a lot of its TCG art (Jungle Flareon is one of my favorite card illustrations). I'm not much for using it in-game though, despite evolving my only full-odds Shiny Eevee into one.

    Espeon: I do enjoy its elegant cat-like design and found myself trying to collect its cards because it reminds me of Mew (the main cards I try to collect), but I haven't really used it much in-game.

    Umbreon: I used to adore Umbreon, but I find myself liking it a lot less these days. Although its stock Sugimori art looks really cool, none of its sprites have ever been that attractive IMO but what ultimately killed it for me was its appearance in the Eevee and Friends special that aired a few years ago.

    Glaceon: There was a time that I absolutely despised Glaceon. Terrible stock art and initial sprite (I still hate that they based its BW sprite on the DP sprite instead of the Platinum one) and I always thought its color scheme seemed too dark. However, I fancied myself an Ice-Type trainer when I MM'd a Shiny Eevee in B2 and decided to evolve it into Glaceon so I could try getting used to it. Now I adore Glaceon, but only its Shiny form (anime is also fine since it's almost identical to its Shiny palette). It's also my favorite Eeveelution to use in battle.

    Leafeon: I really enjoy it design-wise and would probably lean more toward it IRL, but that's about as far as it goes. I wish they'd done something more interesting with its Shiny...

    Sylveon: Probably my least-favorite of the batch. I've nothing against cute pink things (several of my favorites are pink), but there's something kind of eerie about it and the fact that it's the largest Eeveelution bothers me for some reason. Also too dog-like for me (perhaps the most dog-like of the group).
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  10. Jolteon and/or Flareon are definetly my favorites! And as @Nekoban Ryo says, Sylveon does have something sort of eerie about it....

    Are Eeveelutions dogs or cats? Or are they both? Or are they DogCats?
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  11. GekkisaiDaiNi <haha xd wtf do I put here>


    They're obviously catdogferrets.
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  12. GrandPanacea Thread Necromancer

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    It's the flesh ribbons.

    When in doubt, like with Raikou, Suicune, and Entei, just call them gerbils. :D
  13. professorlight Ice Queen


    A nonspecific mixture of dogs and foxes.

    As for my favorite, like you really need to ask to know.
  14. Jadethepokemontrainer Ready for anything!

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    I used to really love Umbreon, but I actually feel like I prefer Jolteon more now. Can't really say why, I just really like the design. Maybe it's because Jolteon was my first eeveelution plush
  15. Nyora A Brand New Girl


    1.) Dark Type
    2.) Defensive
  16. Oddish22 Aspiring Trainer


    Before Gen 2 it was Jolteon. Now it's Jolteon and Umbreon almost equally.
    I love them all though, Sylveon anf Leafeon the least, because I have been more into Gen 1 & 2.
  17. ... Aspiring Trainer


    Still the original 3 (jolteon, vaporeon & flareon)

    not sure if we need more evolutions, e.g. toxeon, rockeon, shenreon
  18. Leafeon by far. Love it's design and it learns Leaf Blade one ofb my favourite grass type attacks and the sig move of my favorite pokemon, Sceptile.
  19. scattered mind Competitive VG Forums Mod
    scattered mind

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    An impossible question to answer consistently over time. Actually even now, I can't decide. I can tell that my least favorites are Sylveon Glaceon and Flareon. However, if I do this per gen it is a bit easier:

    Gen 1- Jolteon
    Gen 2- Umbreon
    Gen 4- Leafeon
    Gen 6- The Steel eeveelution that were supposed to be logically introduced alongside Sylveon.
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