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The Stadium lights are on, the battle field is set, welcome to the Johto Leaders Tournament! Take on the role of one of the Gym Leaders of the Johto League as Falkner, Bugsy, Whitney, Morty, Chuck, Jasmine, Pryce, and Claire compete to show why they are true Pokémon Master of the Johto Region. It is time to claim your crown. The only question ... who will you choose?
Johto Leaders Tournament is a fan-created set that is designed to be a self-contained, competitively balanced set in which those who wish to will be able to play using the custom cards within the set. The set takes inspiration from the Pokémon Black and White Versions 2's Johto Leaders Tournament. The ultimate goal of this set is to have something that creates a unique and fun experience whether it is looking at the cards or playing with them. I aim to make it available to use in some sort of online format for a tournament in the future for those who would be interested in participating in such an event.

Thank you for your interest in the set, I'll be updating this page with links to card images as I continue to design this set. For the time being, here is a checklist of all the cards contained in Johto Leaders Tournament.

1/125 Bugsy's Scyther
2/125 Bugsy's Pinsir
3/125 Bugsy's Yanma
4/125 Bugsy's Pineco
5/125 Jasmine's Pineco
6/125 Bugsy's Forretress
7/125 Bugsy's Scizor
8/125 Bugsy's Shuckle
9/125 Bugsy's Heracross
10/125 Bugsy's Yangmega
11/125 Chuck's Poliwag
12/125 Chuck's Poliwhirl
13/125 Pryce's Seel
14/125 Pryce's Dewgong
15/125 Pryce's Shellder
16/125 Pryce's Cloyster
17/125 Clair's Horsea
18/125 Clair's Seadra
19/125 Pryce's Jynx
20/125 Pryce's Lapras
21/125 Pryce's Sneasel
22/125 Pryce's Swinub
23/125 Pryce's Piloswine
24/125 Pryce's Weaville
25/125 Pryce's Mamoswine
26/125 Morty's Gastly
27/125 Morty's Haunter
28/125 Morty's Gengar
29/125 Morty's Midreavus
30/125 Morty's Sableye
31/125 Morty's Shuppet
32/125 Morty's Bannette
33/125 Morty's Duskull
34/125 Morty's Dusclops
35/125 Morty's Snorunt
36/125 Morty's Mismagius
37/125 Morty's Dusknoir
38/125 Morty's Froslass
39/125 Chuck's Mankey
40/125 Chuck's Primeape
41/125 Chuck's Poliwrath
42/125 Chuck's Machop
43/125 Chuck's Machoke
44/125 Chuck's Machamp
45/125 Jasmine's Onix
46/125 Chuck's Hitmonlee
47/125 Chuck's Hitmonchan
48/125 Chuck's Hitmontop
49/125 Jasmine's Magnemite
50/125 Jasmine's Magneton
51/125 Jasmine's Forretress
52/125 Jasmine's Steelix
53/125 Jasmine's Skarmory
54/125 Jasmine's Mawile
55/125 Jasmine's Bedlum
56/125 Jasmine's Metang
57/125 Jasmine's Metagross
58/125 Jasmine's Magnezone
59/125 Falkner's Pidgey
60/125 Falkner's Pidgeotto
61/125 Falkner's Pidgeot
62/125 Falkner's Spearow
63/125 Falkner's Fearow
64/125 Whitney's Clefairy
65/125 Whitney's Clefable
66/125 Whitney's Jigglypuff
67/125 Whitney's Wigglytuff
68/125 Falkner's Doduo
69/125 Falkner's Dodrio
70/125 Whitney's Tauros
71/125 Clair's Dratini
72/125 Clair's Dragonair
73/125 Clair's Dragonite
74/125 Falkner's Hoothoot
75/125 Falkner's Noctowl
76/125 Falkner's Natu
77/125 Falkner's Xatu
78/125 Whitney's Aipom
79/125 Falkner's Murkrow
80/125 Whitney's Teddiursa
81/125 Whitney's Ursaring
82/125 Clair's Kingdra
83/125 Whitney's Miltank
84/125 Clair's Swablu
85/125 Clair's Altaria
86/125 Clair's Bagon
87/125 Clair's Shelgon
88/125 Clair's Salamence
89/125 Whitney's Ambipom
90/125 Falkner's Honchkrow
91/125 Clair's Gible
92/125 Clair's Gabite
93/125 Clair's Garchomp
94/125 Clair's Druddigon
95/125 Azalea Gym
96/125 Blackthorn Gym
97/125 Bugsy
98/125 Bugsy's Knowledge
99/125 Chuck
100/125 Chuck's Roaring Fists
101/125 Cianwood Gym
102/125 Clair
103/125 Clair's Blessing
104/125 Ecruteak Gym
105/125 Eject Button
106/125 Falkner
107/125 Falkner's Elegance
108/125 Goldenrod Gym
109/125 Iron
110/125 Jasmine
111/125 Jasmine's Defense
112/125 Mahogeny Gym
113/125 Morty
114/125 Morty's Sight
115/125 Pokemon World Tournament
116/125 Professor Elm's New Theory
117/125 Protein
118/125 Pryce
119/125 Pryce's Harshness
120/125 S.S. Aqua Cruise
121/125 Type Expert
122/125 Unown Puzzles
123/125 Violet City Gym
124/125 Whitney
125/125 Whitney's Charm
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"I, too, have seen and suffered much in my life. Since I am your elder, let me show you what I mean." - Pryce

Enter Pryce, The Teacher of Winter's Harshness!


Along with his trusty partner, Mamoswine!

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Very, very interesting concept! I love the cards, too! I think you spelled “arctic” wrong though.
HI, Is there any update?
Hello. I am now working as a Tabletop Game Designer professionally (just had my 1 year anniversary in the field) so continuing this isn’t really an option. Thank you for your interest though and thanks to Pokebeach for having this nice corner of the web to encourage people to explore their creativity.
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