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Hello PokeBeach readers! It has been a while, but I am happy to be writing you all another article! A lot has happened since last time, including three Regional-level tournaments. The first of these events was the Lille Regional Championships. This event saw a few surprises, but even those surprises were not that crazy. One of the more notable phenomena was the emergence of Blissey V / Miltank, a deck that many players had written off by now, that got second place! Despite this result with an unpopular deck, however, Mew VMAX was still the deck that took down the event, further cementing the Double Turbo Energy build’s place in...

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I'm a bit surprised both to see the focus on Turbo Mew when Meloetta seems to be making a major comeback due to Forest Seal Stone, and also to see Serena disregarded - it seems like a card basically made for Mew, who nearly never *needs* to gust things other than Drapion V, but loves to grab a V from the discard pile and attack it - and simultaneously loves to discard things.


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I feel like RS Urshifu could see a come back in standard (trying not to be biased :p) but I think the deck fairs well against Lugia. On one hand Lugia has been running Dunsparce but on the other hand it doesn't run Manaphy normally so you can get off your Max Rapid Flow and take out those pesky 1-prizers like amazing Raikou and Yveltal. Also if you manage to get rid of or not encounter Dunsparce you hit for weakness