Duraludon Promo in 'CoroCoro Ichiban!'

That’s a bit subjective, though. Like personally I think every gen has good designs overall and it doesn’t really have to be creative to be effective. A lot of the first two gens are very simplistic yet effective in doing so. Look at something like Jigglypuff, it’s a ball with legs and a cute face. There’s not much to it, but it’s a memorable design nonetheless. Stuff that’s complex as well can be effective, such as the Kyurems, which have a LOT going on with them but they’re still effective.

For me I think each gen, like I’ve said, has its own winners and losers. The originals had the Nidos who are STILL some of the best looking Pokémon to me. Gen 3 has amazing stuff like Aggron and Rayquaza, but then you’ve got Volbeat and Grumpig. Gen 7 has Golisopod, the Ultra Beasts, etc. but then you’ve got Tsareena who is like a terrible looking Lilligant clone. This gen gave us SO many good new ones, like Hatterene and Toxitricity (like the best Pokémon this entire generation), but then you’ve got Morpeko and Eiscue whose pure existences are a sin.

Of course all that’s my opinion, I know people love and hate different Pokémon but I just wanted to add my take on it.
While we're on the topic, Nidoking should have gotten a Gigantamax. But nope, we get another Charizard form...
I know anti-Gen 1 sentiment is as at all time high right now but I still have a hard time taking anybody seriously who says Gen 1 has the worst designs of the whole series. Especially when many Gen 3 and Gen 5's designs are basically Gen 1's after swallowing a stick of dynamite.