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Following a delay, the Dragonite promos are now beginning to arrive at Gamestop stores. They were originally intended to be given out last week for the release of Silver Tempest.


US Version

You should call your store before going to confirm they have the card in stock, as they will arrive on different days for different stores.
Unlike previous promotions, the official documentation for this giveaway is “no purchase is necessary.” There is no mention of purchasing $15 worth of Pokemon product. Note however that individual stores could still choose to give away the cards at their own discretion.
The Dragonite promotion is also active in some European countries. The European card uses a Silver Tempest logo in the corner of the artwork. The American version...

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We are finally getting a good Dragonite (no rulebox ones) that doesnt relly on coins or mega discarding effects... I can see why they are spamming it all over the place xD


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the gamestop logo is a bit distracting with the red (not going to lie)

still, it's a nice artwork by naoyo