Double Meaning Attacks


Cynthia is <3
Here some attacks that has a GREEN side :p
Upward Lick - Politoed ex
Swallow Up - Politoed ex, Swalot HL, Dark Arbok TR
Spit Up - Pelipper DR
Long Tentacle - Tentacruel HL
Egg Surprise - Chansey RG
Speed Shot - Magneton RG
Wiggle - Tangela RG
Lick - Lickitung RG
Tounge Whip - Lickitung RG
Sharpen - Metapod RG, Nosepass DX
Poison Spurt - Weedle RG
Shakedown - Dark Houndoom TR
Hard Bone - Dark Marowak TR
Bite Off - Dark Tyranitar TR
Hyper Pump - Quagsire TR
Crushing Blow - Dark Dragonair TR
Night Ambush - Dark Golbat TR
Powerful Hand - Dusclops DX
Metallic Blow - Jirachi DX
Quick Blow - Metang DX
Thrust - Makuhita DX
Speed Stroke - Aerodactyl LM Machamp LM?


need politoed ex! juz 1 more~~
dark t tar's bite off was my whole-time favourite!

with 4 darkness attched, its almost OHKO for all exs, if not desert ruins will kill them when they end their turn!


Cynthia is <3
you really dont understand?

sheesh its just for sense of humor >.<

(ddnt double post tomo deleted his post above)


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It's all for a sense of humour and I, like many others, have enjoyed the humour subliminally hidden in the Pokemon TCG (probably unintentially). If someone doesnt get it then that's their fault and no harm is done to them, while the smarter people who understand bicker and laugh, not thinking of how 'rude' it potentially could be.

Keep up with the humour kravenace!

Tomokazu Komiya

He's cool. Sorta.
Ah, well, I guess I can have a sense of humor... (I was just in a bad mood this morning)

But these attack names weren't meant to be viewed that way.... But I guess you can twist them if you like. You know, these interpretations bring up preeetty sick images to the mind... *shivers*


What about Pokémon with Harden^^?

Really, these are really funny. I just can't believe someone else noticed that!


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"That forbidden site" that starts with 'S' has all the scans of everything before R/S. You could go through each of the cards to find some funny attacks but it would take you about a week, lol.