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Discussion in 'PTCG Competitive Play' started by Sylveonix, Nov 30, 2018.

  1. Sylveonix I have a Fairy Type addiction.


    I'm looking to make a Fairy Type deck with the new Alolan Ninetales GX and Gardevoir GX, but I've heard there's better combos out there, such as Sylveon GX and Gardevoir GX. And then there's Zoroak GX and Buzzwole GX, and all those other cards that vanquish the board.

    I want to make a powerful deck but I'm not quite sure where to start, and what pokemon is the best to add. Anyone have any deck suggestions?

  2. VioletValkyrie [ I'm Not Dead // 紫咲 ]


    Here's the list I've been playing recently, I haven't been playing the TCG much (or at all) over the past month or two so this was just made before Lost Thunder released. Keep in mind it's rather untested and there are better alternatives such as the Gardevoir/Solgaleo/Swampert lists that did well in the recent internationals. If you want a starting place to play something simple without relying on several Stage 2 lines, give this a shot.

    3 Gardevoir GX
    1 Gardevoir LST
    1 Kirlia BUS
    4 Ralts LST
    3 Alolan Ninetales GX
    3 Alolan Vulpix GRI
    1 Zebstrika LST
    1 Ditto Prism Star
    2 Tapu Lele GX

    2 Choice Band
    2 Field Blower
    4 Rare Candy
    2 Timer Ball
    4 Ultra Ball
    4 Cynthia
    1 Diantha
    3 Guzma
    3 Lillie
    1 Mina
    2 Professor Elm's Lecture

    9 Fairy Energy
    4 Double Colorless Energy
  3. Sylveonix I have a Fairy Type addiction.


    Thank you so much! I'll definitely try this out.
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