• When creating a thread in the Deck Garage, make sure that you post one deck per thread, you use the correct prefix, you have the set name/card number next to each card, you give a strategy for non-metagame decks, and give translations for all cards not available in English.

    When posting in a thread, be sure to explain all your suggestions thoroughly. Additionally, do not ask for advice in another member's thread.

Deck Garage Rules and Guidelines

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Deck Garage Rules and Guidelines
Welcome to the Deck Garage, a forum where you can post your decklist and receive feedback from the community, as well as offer comments and constructive criticism on other members' decks. To keep this forum an organized, friendly environment where players feel encouraged to share their decklists and receive and offer constructive feedback, please follow these rules.

When Posting a Decklist

- Keep your list organized and easy to navigate. Separate Pokemon, Trainer, and cards like you would when filling out a decklist for a tournament. Include the set abbreviation and if necessary collector number to specify which print of a Pokemon you are using. Here is a simple template for creating a decklist. You are not required to follow this template so long as you include the necessary information.
Pokemon (Total)
(Quantity) (Name) (Set)
(Quantity) (Name) (Set)
(Quantity) (Name) (Set)
(Quantity) (Name) (Set) -- Add more lines as needed.
Trainers (Total)
(Quantity) (Name)
(Quantity) (Name)
(Quantity) (Name)
(Quantity) (Name) -- Add more lines as needed.​

Energy (Total)
(Quantity) (Name) - (Basic / Special)
(Quantity) (Name) - (Basic / Special) -- Add more lines as needed.​

- If you have built the deck on Pokemon TCG Online (PTCGO), you can easily copy your list to your clipboard with the button highlighted in this image, and paste it with a simple click. When doing this, it is strongly suggested that you organize the Trainer cards so they are separated by Supporters, Items, and Stadium cards. This is helpful for receiving good, accurate feedback.

- State which format(s) your deck is for, and how you wish to use it. Is this a competitive deck? If so, is it for the Standard or Expanded format? Is it for an older, nostalgic format? Is it just for fun? This should be hinted at in your thread's title. Use the thread prefixes if they are applicable.

- Explain your deck's strategy. A short paragraph is fine, but feel free to write an essay if you would like to provide a lot of detail. For a known metagame archetype, this is rather simple. For a less commonly played or rogue deck, you will need to provide details. Do you think this deck can do well competitively? Are you trying to counter specific decks? What are some of your favorite tactics? Have you tested this list yet? If so, how has it performed? You may wish to explain some of your card choices and techs. The more information you provide, the better feedback the community can offer.

- If you are building on a budget, say so. A suggestion to add expensive cards to your deck isn't of much use if you can't spend a lot of money.

- Post only one decklist per thread. If you would like to post multiple decklists, please create a new thread for each.

- You may post decklists for future formats, containing cards that have not yet been released so long as you include translations for all unreleased cards.

- If your thread has not received any replies after 24 hours, you may bump it to the top of the forum, even if you were the last person to post in the thread. Please refrain from double posting except for this reason. If you need to add something, please edit your post.

When Giving Feedback

- Make detailed comments about the decklist. If you like something, explain why. Don't simply post something like "This deck is good." A comment like this would be considered spamming as it adds nothing valuable to the conversation.

- Use constructive criticism. Rather than saying a deck is bad, offer suggestions on how it can be improved. It is okay if you disagree with card choices or a strategy, but you must explain politely and positively. Do not insult, belittle, or suggest the deck not be played. Being disrespectful to other members will result in consequences.

- When suggesting to remove and / or add cards, explain your reasoning. Don't suggest massive changes to the Trainer line simply because it's not your preferred draw engine.

- You may post your version of a particular deck as a comparison. However, you may not ask for advice on your own deck in another member's thread or attempt to derail the conversation to discussing your deck. If you want feedback on your own list, you are more than welcome to create your own thread for it.

- Do not double post. If you need to add something, you should edit your post.

If you have any questions about these rules, please contact the TCG Forum Staff privately.
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