News Decidueye-GX, Incineroar-GX, & Primarina-GX Premium Collections in June!

Well, good to see that we get a box with a useful Promo - more of this please. However, the price is a bit off-putting! At least the knock-on effect should be the devaluation of the SM half-art equivalents.
I don't really care if this is too pricey, decidueye gx fa is too good to pass up. 6 booster packs usually give you at least a holo too, probably an ex. I'll be looking forward to June!
Not to complain, but you can buy WAY more Tapu-Lele-GX cards with that money - Like, maybe, 2.
But I'm WAY better than those silly starters
Not funny TPCi, I was really hoping for these full arts and rainbow rares to be in Guardians Rising. I am not amused.
Not funny TPCi, I was really hoping for these full arts and rainbow rares to be in Guardians Rising. I am not amused.

Yeah because Guardians Rising needed more secret rare stuff in it :rolleyes:

I'm almost glad that these are coming out in a semi-easy way although there are no signs of the rainbow rares, I don't know if that's good or bad. Much like the fact these boxes are fifty dollars each, and that's not including tax. It's getting kind of ridiculous I think.
Not funny TPCi, I was really hoping for these full arts and rainbow rares to be in Guardians Rising. I am not amused.

It was already obvious that they wouldn't be in de Guardians Rising Set. I think they should have been in the Sun and Moon Base set! That would be the most logical option. It is not that TPCi didn't knew about SM+ when the put together the Sun and Moon set.

One thing I don't get, is why TPCi doesn't follow the order of events from the NDS-games. Then the Pokemon released in the sets would make more sense. And Totem Pokemon and Trial Captains would be together in sets. Now it feels like messy releases. There is no logic in the Pokemon Released so far! My idea would be:

SM1 (focus on sun) - Island 1
Starter GX (Decidyeye, Incineroar, Primarina)
Totem GX (Raticate, Gumshoos)
Ride GX (Tauros)
Eevee GX (Espeon)
Characters (Professor, Hau, Lillie, Ilima, Hala)

SM2 (sundown) - Island 2
Totem GX (Lurantis, Salazzle, Wishiwashi)
Ride GX (Lapras)
Eevee GX (Sylveon)
Other GX (Lycanroc)
Characters (Kiawe, Lana, Mallow, Olivia)

SM3 (Moon) - Island 3
Totem GX (Vikavolt, Mimikyu)
Sub-Totem GX (Gengar, Metagross)
Eevee GX (Umbreon)
Other (Alolan Ninetales, Turtonator, Drampa)
Character (Acerola, Guzma Molayne, Nanu)

Ew. They are adding Evolutions boosters to this? Talk about throwing your money away...
Evolutions has a plethora of tech cards in it, such as:
Rattata, Starmie, Electrode, Brock's Grit, Misty's Determination, Energy Retrieval, Revive, Switch, DCE, etc.

FA M Charizard is worth around $20, and FA Dragonite (a playable card) is around $7.
Sure, it's no Roaring Skies, but I wouldn't say you're throwing your money away... Especially since it looks like it's only 1 evo pack.
The jumbo cards are a joke, I wish they made more figure boxes, at figures hold more value and are worth displaying
The fact that they are full arts and that the product is 50 dollars instead of the normal 40 for this kind of thing indicates that they will be textured.
Well... that's different. I mean yeah, I'm incredibly happy that they're releasing the FA cards as promos (Plus I've been REALLY wanting to get the FA Decidueye), but at the same time I'm kinda confused why they're doing the normal FAs in this promo set, and the Hyper/Rainbow one in Guardians Rising.

At the same time, though, I was thinking to myself 'These things are probably gonna end up in Guardians Rising', so my prediction there came half true XD
Prediction: Within a few days of release there won't be a FA Decidueye GX box anywhere in stock but you may get crushed if the mountainous piles of Primarina and Incineroar boxes clogging the shelves happen to tip over....much like the heap of Dragonite EX and Charizard EX boxes found at most retailers right now...
Looking good and I am an Incineroar fan so I might get that box if they come out cheaper soon after it comes out
If you think about it, it's almost the same value of an elite trainer box, both in cost and what you're getting out of the box. It only comes with six boosters, BUT it also comes with the FA GX (hopefully textured), the pre evolutions printed on holo foil, a pin, and a coin. Plus you can get more good pulls out of the boosters so overall it is magnificent and I will buy one :D
This is a rip. I'll see how much I can buy the Incineroar card for because I think it looks cool. Otherwise, I'll just buy the Japanese version.

If you figure the packs are $4/each then you're spending $16 for a full art and a jumbo card and a pin? Give me a break
I feel like the pricing is a little much, though I am in the UK, so for Americans, this is $50, but for me it's £39.01

So it's not that big of a deal for me in the UK, but for Six packs and a Full art GX? The only one that is worth purchasing is Decidueye. It's a top card currently, but buying the others is a bit of a joke.
...What happened to the 6-pack premium collections being 40 dollars? I would gotten these for fun if they were still that price, but...For 50 dollars I could get something like the Salamence collection, get a valued promo, a damn good playmat, some other goodies, and eight packs.(if I looked hard enough I don't know if they're still around, haven't checked retailers since the holidays) I sure hope that this is a mistake on someone's part because 50 bucks for this is ridiculous, even the Decidueye one.