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    Hello everyone!

    Great to see ya'll! It's been a little while since the last season of this game. About time we give it another try, huh?
    I'll be your host again this season, but I want to make it clear that I did not come up with the ideas for this season. All credits go to @Mariano11887!


    In case you're new to Count to Ten, or just need a refresher to the game~

    How to play

    • A list of players will be generated in a random order with every person who signed up.
    • The first player starts counting from 1, and can count up to 3 numbers.
    • The next player in the list continues counting from where the previous one left, always counting up to 3 numbers.
    • The player who says 10 is eliminated from the game and another round begins with the remaining players.

    Pretty simple, right?
    Very, but we're also adding a new twist this season~


    • At the start of each round, every player will receive a random card, sent in a PM.
    • When a player posts their number/s, they can optionally play a card they have in their hand by saying the name of the card. If they do, the effect of the card is applied immediately.
    • A player can save their cards for later, but they can’t have more than 3 cards in their hand. In that case, that player won’t receive a new card in the next round.
    • Only 1 card can be played each turn.
    • A player won’t receive another copy of the same card if they already have it in their hand, they’ll receive a different card instead.


    Alright, now that everyone understands how the game works~


    • You can talk about the game in-thread as much as you want, just make it obvious you are not counting.
    • Please bold your numbers when counting.
    • Tag the next player in the same post you count. This will keep the game moving faster.
    • If you say the losing number, tag me to prepare everything for next round. Don't start the next round until I have announced it.
    • Each player has 36 hours to post their numbers. Failing to accomplish this will result in the penalty of not receiving a new card at the beginning of next round. Two consecutive penalties will result in your removal from the game.


    • You are allowed to talk with other players outside this thread to make alliances.
    • Allowed platforms to talk are Pokebeach conversations and Discord.
    • Every alliance must include me in the conversation.
    • Alliance member numbers can’t be greater than half of the remaining players (i.e. if there are 10 players left, alliances can have a maximum of 5 members). This is to avoid an auto-lose situation for some non-allied players.
    • A player can be in multiple alliances at the same time.


    Count to Ten Hall of Fame

    Season One by double o squirtle ~ Lord o da rings

    Season Two by Jadethepokemontrainer ~Ninjapenguin
    Season Three by Lord o da rings ~Ninjapenguin
    Season Four by Jadethepokemontrainer ~Blakers
    Season Five by Jadethepokemontrainer ~quakingpunch73
    Season Six by Lord o da rings ~mirdo
    Season Seven by Jadethepokemontrainer ~Mariano11887
    Season Eight by Jadethepokemontrainer ~ This could be you!


    I'm accepting any number of players for this game. Signups will end 10 days after this post has been approved.

    1. GM Draclord
    2. GekkisaiDaiNi
    3. Fiery_Lugia
    4. Pokefam
    5. This could be you!
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  3. VioletValkyrie Codename Scarlet

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    Thanks for the tag! Though unfortunately between the forum games I'm already in and having to judge for CaC shortly, I'm afraid I just don't have the time.
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  4. GM DracLord Shadow of Death
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  5. GekkisaiDaiNi The Sharp Alien


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  7. Fiery_Lugia ニャンパス~


    Definitely in!!
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  8. Pokefam Aspiring Trainer


    I am in!!!!!
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  9. Lord o da rings ♕ The Queen ♕
    Lord o da rings


    I appreciate the tag Jade, but I think I'll pass.
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  11. Pokefam Aspiring Trainer


  12. Fiery_Lugia ニャンパス~


    Jade, what’s up with this game?
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  13. Professor_jplap Nap Time


  14. Jadethepokemontrainer Ready for anything!

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    Hey guys. I have been very busy recently, and have had some not great stuff going on in my life. I’ll start this game as soon as I am able, but we also need more people to be able to play. I’d like to have at least 10 people before we begin. I’ll tag some people once I’m on desktop later this evening. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for understanding!


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