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Standard Cinderace no Jirachi


Aspiring Trainer
4 Scorbunny (Basic)
2 Raboot (evolving)
4 Cinderace (Main attacker)
1 Mincinno (Basic)
1 Cincinno (Consistency)
2 Scrobble (Basic)
2 Drizzile (Consistency)
1 Inteleon (Consistency)
1 Mew
1 Ditto Prism Star

4 Lillie
4 Cynthia
2 Rosa
1 Professor Oak's Research

2 Giant Hearth
4 Rare Candy
1 Giant Bomb
2 Pokemon Catcher
3 Quick Ball
3 Pokemon Communication
2 U-Turn Board
2 Switch
1 Devolution Spray Z
1 Reset Stamp
1 Ordinary Rod

7 Fire Energy
1 Recycle Energy
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moving pictures

Aspiring Trainer
Love the idea - have you done any testing?

How about adding recycle energy? Also- I think if no Jirachi might as well opt for U-Turn board instead of escape board

Maybe add a shuckle to get some fire in the discard?

Please let me know if you test or make adjustments - thinking about making this deck for one of my kids


Aspiring Trainer
U-Turn Board might be a good idea since I am thinking about making room for a Devolution Spray Z or two so I can reuse Intelion.