Writing Card Idea: Return from a Different Dimension to counter Lost Zone.


Aspiring Trainer
I had a great idea from a old yu-gi-oh card called Return from a Different Dimension. What if pokemon made a card that sends all cards from both players Lost Zones straight into the both owners discard piles. But those cards cannot be retrieved until their next turn has passed.

This type of card that would cause Lost Zone based attacks and the Fantina supporter card to fail and would effectively force any Lost Box player into playing carefully. But you need to shuffle all the cards in your hand except for one card ?
The Lost Zone's explicit purpose is to be a game area where cards can't be retrieved from. This is why Comfey's Flower Selecting and Colress's Experiment are such powerful draw options - the cards you don't choose are gone for the rest of the game. Sometimes the decision of what to toss is an easy one, but it's those times where you have to sit and give real thought to what you're gonna sacrifice that balances their powerful draw effects. If a card existed that could pull cards out of the Lost Zone, it would eliminate all the strategy around Lost Zoning stuff in the first place and the Lost Zone just becomes another discard pile with extra steps.

Also, Lost Zone players would love to have access to the cards they've tossed over the course of the game, especially if they don't use or have already used Star Requiem, and no one uses Fantina, so this card wouldn't really be as disruptive as you think.

You're not the first person to think about getting cards out of the Lost Zone--I did the same thing myself, many years ago--but doing that defeats the purpose of having the Lost Zone to begin with.

The Lost Zone is already a fairly open area. You can reference cards in there, count the cards in there, even pull attacks from cards in there. You can do pretty much anything with cards in the Lost Zone. The only thing you can't do, can never do, is remove them.