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Standard Blastoise & Piplup Tag Team GX

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by judda94, Sep 3, 2019.

  1. judda94 Aspiring Trainer


    Hi, I have written the below list for a possible Blastoise & Piplup deck in the future. Let me know what I could change in the deck.

    Pokemon 14
    3 Blastoise & Piplup Tag Team GX Cosmic Eclipse
    2 Poipole Lost Thunder
    2 Naganadel Lost Thunder
    2 Wooper Dragon Majesty
    2 Quagsire Dragon Majesty
    1 Volcanion Prism Star Forbidden Light
    2 Kyurem Dragon Majesty
    1 Ditto Prism Star

    Trainers 30
    4 Cynthia
    2 Crasher Wake
    2 Lt Surge's Strategy
    3 Lillie
    3 Misty & Lorelei
    4 Custom Catcher
    3 Cherish Ball
    3 Acro Bike
    3 Switch
    2 Lysandres Lab
    1 Ultra Space

    Energy 13
    13 Water Energy

    The idea with the deck is to get BlastPup (Tell me a better name) up and running as fast as possible with the help of Crasher Wake then start hitting for 150 and healing 50 also in the process setting up another BlastPup. I am not sure the Naganadel is needed in this deck but I felt it needed an engine.

    Faba is in to help get rid of stadiums. I am not sure about the tag switch as I should be setting up other Pokemon with my active BlastPup. Volcanion, Suicune & Kyurem are all in the deck to fight against Anti-GX decks such as Keldeo GX. IMO you need to have a non-GX attacker around for that match up.

    Any suggestions are welcome, this is the first time I've put together a list.
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  2. Gardegon It's not easy having a good time.


    Naganandel is not horrible for this deck, but a 4-4 is a little excessive IMO. You don't have any way of shifting the energies you pull from the discard onto Naganandel to your other Pokemon. I'd suggest a 2-2 Naganandel and a 2-2 Quagsire rather than 4-4 Naganadel, so you can move the energies around as you please. This deck doesn't require a lot of bench space as the focus is the Tag-Team. You really only need one spot on the bench for a second Blastplup. The rest can be filed with Nags and Quags and a Volcanion or Kyurem or whatever secondary support you have on-board.

    In regards to that secondary support, you have Volcanion, Suicune, and Kyurem (I'm assuming the dragon one.) Volcanion should stay as it should in every water deck, but Suicune and Kyurem don't need 2 a piece. I like the coverage they provide (gusting with Suicune and weakness coverage with Kyurem, as well as both covering Keldeo) but it's not realistic. Having those 4 cards in there are 4 more basic Pokemon you could be stuck starting with. You're going to be gusting with Volcanion so Suicune isn't as useful, ESPECIALLY since it needs to be in the active spot for the Ability to work and it doesn't have a free retreat cost. I would suggest dropping the Suicunes entirely in favor of a Ditto Prism Star and maybe a third Switch.

    Your Trainer card spread looks good, but I would say Faba is not necessary. Combating stadiums is best dealt with by using stadiums of your own. Lysandre Labs comes to mind as what would make the most sense in this deck. Remove the two Fabas in favor of two Lysandre Labs. The only other thing I can suggest about your trainers is your only straightforward draw support is Cynthis, and it's not enough. It's gonna be hard to hit 4 Crasher Wakes. You'll maybe get two off if you're lucky, otherwise it's just unusable supporters clogging up your deck. I'd drop two Wakes and one Misty Lorelei for three Lillies. A turn one Lillie with this deck could be huge, I can see that turn one is going to be make or break.

    Hope this helped! Please respond with what you think of thee suggestions, would LOVE to see this deck work.
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  3. John InCENAroar Praising the Vish, Praying for Sableye V
    John InCENAroar


    I think a NagQuag engine would work pretty well over just a Nag engine. It means you don't have to switch as often, or move your energy with items. It also means that one of each of those pieces give you a reliable T2 attack, since you attach twice from hand and one moved up from NagQuag. That, and in the later game with three Nags in play, you can comfortably retreat into a fresh PipStoise without needing the attack to charge it up, and you can attach to your active and heal it up.

    • 2 Tag Switch
    • 1-1 Nag
    • 1 PipStoise TTGX
    • 2-2 Quagsire DRM
    • 1 Ultra Space
  4. TheAquaPiplup I have been playing Glaceon-GX for way too long


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  5. judda94 Aspiring Trainer


    Hi thanks for replying!

    I think the NagQuire system is a really good idea thanks! I think you are right this will be the best way to get energy circulation going early on.
    I actually meant the water version of Kyurem from Unbroken Bonds however I think the dragon version is better so thanks for the suggestion. I did not realise Suicune had to be in the active for it's ability to work so the Volanian and custom catchers can do all the gusting I need.
    I take it the idea with Ditto is that its an extra basic for the Nags & Quags?

    I forgot to add the Lillies in my original list Doh. I agree with the cut of Faba for Labs and also Crasher that is probably over kill having 4.

    I look forward to trying the deck when the cards come out
  6. judda94 Aspiring Trainer


    I like it but its Blastoise and Piplup not the other way around
  7. judda94 Aspiring Trainer


    I like the changes I will incorporate these and update the list above.

    thanks for the input
  8. judda94 Aspiring Trainer


    Changes have been made, 3 spaces left in the deck any more suggestions would be welcomed
  9. GameOwl I play Pokemon. Can you tell?


  10. judda94 Aspiring Trainer


  11. Dark Espeon Dark Avatar
    Dark Espeon


    Hi judda94,

    Nice list. Consider these modifications:

    - 1 Misty and Lorelei (two are sufficient)
    + 1 Lillie (the deck needs the draw power for Misty and Lorelei)

    - 3 Cherish Ball (Tag Whistle gets two tag Team cards at once)
    + 4 Tag Whistle (searches for Blastoise and Piplup GX as well as Misty and Lorelei)

    Consider to use the two remaining open spots for an additional energy and a fourth stadium. I assume that Ultra Prism is ment to read Ultra Space to search out Naganadel. Hope this provides some initial assistance.
  12. judda94 Aspiring Trainer


    Thanks for the input, once all the cards are out i will try it with more lillie.

    I have looked up Tag Whistle but I can't find anything on this, do you have a link?

    my mistake on the Ultra Space

  13. Gardegon It's not easy having a good time.


    Hello again! The updated list looks much better. It's a shame that Aqua Patch is no longer legal, would have cranked this deck up to the next level for sure. The NagQuag engine is great, but there poses the issue of getting the water energies into the discard. You have a LOT of energies in this deck (naturally so) so the heavy Acro Bikes should help with that, aside from that you have Volcanion Prism. The real MVP for this is Crasher Wake. Throwing 2 waters in the discard gets you fuel for both Nags. Turn 1 or 2 Crasher Wake is going to be HUGE for gaining some tempo. For this reason I'd suggest finding room for 3 PokeGear 3.0s and a Pal Pad or two. Big Lt. Surge+Misty+Wake turns are going to be make or break so getting them back in the deck and pulling them with PokeGear could be the last push this deck needs.
  14. diamondsword008 Aspiring Trainer


    i think they meant tag call not tag whistle
    or maybe it was a mistranslation

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