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Hosted by @Ephemera and @Nyan
You may think you've seen it all. You've played with the best of the best, you've seen twist after twist. But in this new gauntlet of trials, things may not always be as they seem, and the familiar sights of the BB house may look just a little off. What's changed? You'll have to find out! This season, the players will have to push their skills to the limit - and need more than a little luck - to see: who will come out on top? Welcome to the dungeon!

Here are some guidelines for this game:

General Rules and Competitions
- In this game, you will compete with other houseguests to win the game, and deem yourself the best of the best! This game will be divided into a number of in-game weeks. Each of these weeks contains a Head of Household (HOH) competition, Nomination Ceremony, a Power of Veto (POV) competition, and an Eviction. With one houseguest being evicted after each eviction, this cycle will repeat until there are only 2 houseguests remaining.
- Every week will start with a Head of Household competition. Everyone may compete except the winner of this competition from the previous week. Everyone else will participate, and the decided winner of this competition becomes the Head of the Household for the week and will be unable to be eliminated during that week.
- After this, the Head of Household chooses 2 players to nominate for eviction.
- Once the Head of Household has named their nominees, the Power of Veto competition will begin. The HOH, the 2 nominees, and 3 randomized houseguests will participate in this. The winner of this competition may choose to either save one of HOH’s nominees with this power or decide not to use it (thus keeping nominees the same).
- Finally, to end the week, once the nominees have been locked in, then the eviction phase begins. During this time, all players (except the HOH and the nominees) will be voting for whom they wish to be evicted from the house and lose their chances of victory. The nominees may also publicly plead their cases in this time, but whoever receives the most votes will be evicted, and out of the game.

Extra Information and Terminology

Weeks: This is a game term to encompass all the game’s key phases. Each week consists of a Head of Household competition, a Nomination Ceremony, a Power of Veto competition, and an Eviction. Each week, someone will be evicted from the house until just two houseguests remain.

The Finalists: Once there are only two houseguests left in the game, the jury will decide on who should win the game. The selected houseguest wins the game and the notoriety that comes with the title!

The Jury: Once a certain amount of houseguests have been evicted (this amount will be announced at the beginning of the game), houseguests evicted afterward will be put on the jury. This jury will decide who takes home victory at the end of the game. They may also ask each finalist one question to help decide whom they will vote for.
- Alliances are of course permitted, and strongly encouraged. You may make as many alliances as you’d like to with other houseguests. This can be done through PokéBeach PMs, or through Discord servers. However, both hosts (Nyan and Ephemera) must be added to the conversation.
-Be a good person. Big Brother is a tense, competitive game, but it’s still a game so remember to be respectful and make this an enjoyable experience.
- The game cannot be discussed with any evicted houseguests. If you have a Discord alliance with any evicted houseguests, please refrain from conversing about the game with them, or make a separate chat for general conversation as well. (If you are an audience member, the same is true; there is a very strict non-communication policy with houseguests in the game or on the jury.)
- In this game, screenshots will be necessary for challenge submissions. When signing up, make sure your device is able to submit these screenshots for your scores in various competitions throughout the game. When you submit a score, you must show proof the screenshot is yours. You must have at least two things to demonstrate this proof, which can be done by having your PokéBeach account in another tab, a tab of this game in another tab, your account name on a Notepad, or whatever else works to prove the screenshot was taken by you.
- Do not share screenshots of either your score in a competition or your conversations in alliance chats with other players. In addition, you can directly quote other players, but you may not use logs in Discord form. For example, it is acceptable to say “Nyan said, ‘Ephe is a nerd’” but you cannot say “Nyan— Today at 1:48 PM Ephe is a nerd.”
-When signing up, include the word “Charisma” somewhere in your application.
-Don’t pregame. You know what pregaming is, don’t do it.
-While this is a D&D inspired season, and it's very in-line with D&D to be pedantic and find loopholes, some rules just shouldn't be broken. Please abide to the spirit of the game. If you have any confusion about host communication, you can just ask.
-Please ask us questions about whatever you’re confused about or if you’re ever unsure if something is okay or not. We'll do our best to answer whatever you want to know and will be much more lenient on stuff as long as you’ve consulted us, so just ask and all will be good.
There will be no competition bans for failing to submit for anything. However, that doesn't mean you won't be penalized. For every competition you fail to submit for (and also fail to tell us that you are unable to submit), you will receive a competition penalty on the next competition. If you fail to submit your nominations/veto usage/renomination on time, you will receive a double competition penalty and be given 12 hours to post the necessary thing, after which, if you have not submitted, your decision will be completely randomized. If you fail to submit a vote, you will receive a double competition penalty, but will not be given time to make up your vote.
The competition penalties are as follows:
1st Offense: 25% reduction in score in your next competition
2nd Offense: 50% reduction in score in your next competition
3rd Offense: 75% reduction in score in your next competition
4th Offense: Removed from the game
Let's not ever get to that last one. Modkills aren't fun.

Please keep in mind that it is perfectly valid to submit scores or decisions on a provisional basis (e.g. "in case I don't get online to vote by deadline, my vote is for Ephemera, but don't lock that decision in") and you will not be given a competition penalty if you cannot get online by then (since we'll just do what you told us to). It is also perfectly fine to tell us you can't submit for a comp or you want to submit a zero or something. Just make sure we know and it'll be cool. We're perfectly willing to accommodate as long as you keep us informed.
Throwing Competitions
We’re bringing back the NP throwing system. Some competitions this season will be labeled as Score Throwing Available or Full Throwing Available. For Score Throwing Available competitions, you may request any score lower than your actual score in the game to be your official score in the competition. For Full Throwing Available competitions, you may request for any score lower than your actual score in the game to be your official score in the competition or you may request for your placement to drop below a certain threshold with some specific strategy (e.g. “if I would win or get 2nd, please drop me to 3rd place, halfway between second and fourth”). It will be announced if a competition is either score or full throwing available. Unless otherwise stated, the top 3 scorers on every competition will be revealed.
Live Competitions
We'd love to have live competitions/evictions return this season! We'll try our best to find times that can accommodate everyone.
...You'll have to find out!

To play, please fill in the application form, which can be found here:
Applications will end in fourteen days, or on July 29th at 5:00 pm EST.
At the end of this period, a post will be made to the thread and every accepted houseguest will be notified, a cast reveal will occur in the Discord server, and the game will begin on July 31st.

Before signing up, read all of this post. You wouldn’t want there to be anything you’ve missed.

This season is open to all applicants, and the ideal house size for this season is 12-15 players (13 being the planned number). The application process allows us to judge your commitment levels and gameplay opinions, in addition to learning necessary information such as where to contact you, what challenges you may face, and when to schedule live events.

(OP stolen from NP/Vi/Lorde/etc.)

Good luck!
Game Start!

After a long period of travelling, fourteen chosen adventurers gather at the beginning of the dungeon...

Hey houseguests! Applications have been processed, and we're about to begin the season proper. But of course, we can't start PBB without the players - please welcome:

@Brave Vesperia (Brave, they/them)
@cheezee weeñ (Pulpy, he/him)
@firekitten (Litten, he/him)
@FourteenAlmonds (Almonds, he/him)
@mcgrayson (Graylie, she/they)
@mjthefake (Soda, he/him)
@Nick Tornell (Nick or Tornell, he/him)
@ploxyridm (Quinn F, any pronouns)
@Quinn (Quinn A, he/him)
@ratat0uII1e (Muffin, he/they)
@Thatpandaxx (Panda, he/him)
@Vari (all pronouns)
@YuurisLastTour (Karla, she/her)
@Zboi (Zaku, he/him)

Before we begin fully, as your lovely host and DM (at least, as one of them), I'd like to grant each of you 1 inspiration!
Inspiration, in traditional D&D, is something DMs grant players for being particularly skilled, creative, keen, perceptive, or inquisitive. This season, we'll be doing much the same!

Each houseguest will begin the game with 1 Inspiration. Inspiration, or inspiration points, are going to be central to the gameplay this season!
  1. Inspiration can be used to purchase anything offered to you.
  2. Inspiration can be transferred freely between houseguests. This can be done by tagging a host in your DR and telling us how many inspiration points you’re transferring to whom.
  3. The winners of the HOH and POV competitions may also earn Inspiration as an additional prize for winning (1 point). It'll be announced when a given competition will also reward the winner with inspiration.
  4. If a houseguest is evicted and has Inspiration in their possession, they must will their inspiration points to a player still in the game. This will is public!
  5. Inspiration, as a twist, will end at a predetermined time, which will be announced only at that time.

Hope that was clear! If not, please feel free to revisit this post and review.

But what does inspiration do? Great question!

This season, we're bringing back the advantage shop - which will be called the Inspiration Shop from here on out. Each week, advantages may be available in the shop, which will be announced. The first houseguest to pay the fee* for the advantage will receive it (unless there are multiple in stock), and the house will be notified when all advantages in the shop have been bought, but not by whom (unless the advantage is used or otherwise becomes relevant).

That being said... unfortunately, the Inspiration Shop for this week is empty, and you can't buy anything yet. Come back later and we'll have new wares!

This explanation has gotten pretty long, so please: if you've got any questions about anything, don't hesitate to contact any of our pantheon of hosts: @JadeGemTM, @Nyan, and of course, @Ephemera (me)!

The first HOH competition will begin in 19.5 hours from now (at 8 pm EST). Please take the time to get to know your fellow players, and do have fun.

Thanks for your patience - PBB16: D&D begins now!

*Houseguests will be notified in advance of when an advantage is going to go on sale, to give everyone a chance to see it prior to the inspiration shop opening (aka to stop timezone problems), but must be online to purchase an advantage when the shop is open (i.e. you may not purchase an advantage in advance).
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Week 1

Session 0 has ended, you've all prepared your character sheets (hopefully), so here we go!

Head of Household

This week's HoH competition will be...

What is Parroting?
Parroting is a game where you're given a list of questions to answer. However, the goal of the game is not to answer correctly, or to give your personal answers, but rather to respond with the answer that you believe everyone else will answer! Points will be scored based on how many others answered the same as you, per question, and the winner will be the person with the most points after all questions!

For example, if the question is "Would you prefer to be a dungeon master or player?", and Nyan and Jade answer "dungeon master", while Ephemera answers "player", then Nyan and Jade would each receive 2 points, and Ephemera would score 1.

Ties: Should there be a tie at the end of all 8 questions, the first tiebreaker question comes into play. If there's still a tie after that, we'll use the second, and if there is still a tie after that, we'll use the third. Please answer all questions (including tiebreakers) in your diary rooms, and please indicate which question each response is tied to (i.e. 1 - X, 2 - Y, etc.).

Without further ado, here are the questions!
  1. Name a spell a warlock would use.
  2. Name a type of damage in D&D.
  3. Would you consider yourself lawful, neutral, or chaotic?
  4. Good or evil?
  5. Name a deity from the D&D pantheon.
  6. What's your favorite kind of terrain?
  7. Would you say you prefer combat or roleplay?
  8. Would you rather have high intelligence, wisdom, or charisma?
  1. Martials or mages?
  2. Dungeons, or dragons?
  3. Once more - what's your favorite class in D&D?

This competition does not allow throwing, and the full results will be announced at the end (although not individual answers). You have 24 hours from the time of this post, or until 8 pm EST October 22, to submit your answers in your DR!

If you'll notice, all the questions generally relate to D&D. This season, a lot of flavor will be at least tangentially related to Dungeons and Dragons, so while knowledge or experience with D&D is definitely not a requirement, learning some trivia (which is what you'll do in this comp, hopefully) won't hurt!

Research for this competition is allowed and encouraged! However, you may not discuss this competition with your fellow players (i.e. in any alliance or 1-on-1 chats you may have, or even in public house chat).

Finally, as a review, here are things to note for competitions in general:
General Competition Guidelines:
Results: Unless otherwise stated, the top 3 scorers on every competition will be revealed.
Extensions: While most competition deadlines will be 24 hours, do let us know if you don't think you can submit during that time! Just tag a host in your DR should you need more time (this goes for non-competition deadlines as well, such as nominations or veto usage), and we'll work out an extension that works!
Competition Throwing: Some competitions this season will be labeled as Score Throwing Available or Full Throwing Available. Refer to the OP for detailed descriptions on both, but a quick description is that for Score Throwing, you can ask for any score below your current score, whereas for Full Throwing, you can ask for score throwing or you may ask to throw to a specific place, or to a specific person (e.g. "if I get first, please rank me second instead", or "if I rank above Nyan, please let Nyan win").
Week 1: Head of Household Results

With Parroting coming to a close, let's take a look at the top scorers, and who has won the HOH competition...

Joint 1st place: @YuurisLastTour and @Zboi, both with 47 points!
3rd place: @firekitten, with 43 points!

Since we've got a tie, let's begin the tiebreaker:
Martials or mages?

Karla answered... mages.
Zaku answered... mages.

9 other houseguests also answered mages to this question, for a total of 11 responses of "mages"!
That scores them each 11 points (totalling 58 points each), and we still have a tie!
Dungeons, or dragons?

Karla answered... dragons.
Zaku answered... dragons.

9 other houseguests also answered mages to this question, for a total of 11 responses of "dragons"!
Again, each scores 11 points (69 points each), and the tie remains!
Once more - what's your favorite class in D&D?

Karla answered... sorcerer.
Zaku answered... fighter.

Two other houseguests also answered sorcerer, so Karla scores 3 more points, totaling 72!
One other houseguest answered fighter, so Zaku scores 2 more points, totaling 71!

Congratulations @YuurisLastTour, you've won the tiebreaker questions and are now the first Head of Household of the season! You have 24 hours from the time of this post (until 8 PM EST, October 23) to nominate 2 houseguests this week, who will be at risk of being evicted from the house and be removed from the game.

Here are the full results:
Karla: 47 (winning the tiebreaker)
Zaku: 47 (losing the tiebreaker)
Litten: 43
Quinn A: 41
Pulpy: 39
Brave: 37
Panda: 36
Tornell: 36
Vari: 36
Graylie: 35
Almonds: 34
Quinn F: 34
Soda: 32
Muffin: 26
Savvy players may have noticed that the HoH competition was called Parroting*, not just Parroting.

But even savvier players might have noticed a clever little loophole in the rules...

This explanation has gotten pretty long, so please: if you've got any questions about anything, don't hesitate to contact any of our pantheon of hosts: @JadeGemTM, @Nyan, and of course, @Ephemera (me)!
Name a deity from the D&D pantheon.

As written, we hosts would count as potential answers to this question - and answering any of the hosts' names to this question would have granted a houseguest 1 inspiration!

That's this season's second twist: Passive Perception.

Passive Perception Rules:
Competitions (or other events) marked with an asterisk (like Parroting*) will have opportunities to find subtle easter eggs or ways to use the rules-as-written to your advantage!
  1. Passive Perception-applicable events will always be marked with an asterisk.
  2. A Passive Perception applicable event (such as a competition) will have an easter egg, loophole, or otherwise creative idea involved. Should you find it and point it out to a host (in your DR), you'll receive a reward!
  3. Except in specific cases, only the first person to find the easter egg will receive the reward. No sharing! As such, unless otherwise stated, you are allowed to discuss this twist in alliance and one-on-one chats.
  4. Unless otherwise stated, the details of a Passive Perception event will be revealed after it ends, and whether or not it was found, but not who found it.
Happy hunting!
Unless otherwise stated, the details of a Passive Perception event will be revealed after it ends, and whether or not it was found, but not who found it.

For the Parroting* Passive Perception event, the loophole was not found, and no inspiration was awarded.
Week 1

Karla has nominated Soda and Brave, and so we now move on to this week's Power of Veto competition!​

Power of Veto

This week's PoV competition will be...
Doodle Cricket!

HoH: Karla
Nominee 1: Soda
Nominee 2: Brave
Random Draw: Litten
Random Draw: Panda
Random Draw: Graylie

Only these 6 players are eligible to participate in the PoV!​

This competition is Full Throwing Available, and the top three scores will be revealed. You have just under 26.5 hours from the time of this post, or until 8 pm EST on October 24, to submit for this competition!

A reminder that you need to include two forms of documentation (such as your name, a Pokebeach tab, etc) to prove the score was yours in your submission! As long as it's visible on-screen, drawn on, or in something like a Notepad app, it should be fine. All submissions should be done in your DRs, and you'll be notified if your submission was valid or invalid.

Discussion in any alliance chats is allowed for this competition!