Help Best non Jirachi & Dedenne standard deck?

Discussion in 'PTCG Competitive Play' started by Noviceon, Feb 16, 2020.

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    New / Novice player here. Been racking up lots of online games the past few weeks and realized it’s hard to compete with the Jirachi / Dedenne based decks, especially with ADP, Zacian, these are almost impossible to break down with limited access to good cards.

    I’ve won the odd tournament for trade-able packs using Reshiram and Charizard, and Reshiram and Zekrom, heatran with tag call / flints etc. Welder and Red/Blue (Silvally) to rush energy onto the board. But consistency is poor and often just get a lucky hand.

    I’m looking for advise on the most standard competitive deck that doesn’t require pack heavy trading cards like Jirachi and Dedenne. So what’s the budget players competitive standard deck? Any advise appreciated.


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    I think right now it's very hard to deal with not having at least one of: [Jirachi, Dedenne GX, Zacian V], because those three cards give so much consistency to decks. So if you're going to try to not have those, and build a deck, you've got to find your consistency in other ways.

    Green's Exploration is one possibility; that can be very effective because it gives you the ability to grab items at will (which really means the ability to grab _anything_ at will). Some popular decks that use Green's include Blacephalon and Reshizard; basically any deck that doesn't rely on abilities can use Green's. ADP even could probably work if you wanted to try that, although it synergizes so well with Zacian and Jirachi that I've never seen someone try it. Green's is much weaker now due to the turn one supporter rule unfortunately, so take that into consideration, but you're not necessarily talking a total collapse - just a turn slower now, which makes it more challenging to keep up with top tier decks, but not impossible.

    Cincinno is another possibility to keep up. It usually goes with all of the above Pokémon of course, but by itself it does provide some additional consistency.
  3. bunnybird12 Don't be sad- be hoppy!


    Just yesterday I finished getting my 4th Jirachi after about a week and a half of grinding, no IRL packs or codes. Granted, I started already having one copy from going to the Team Up Prerelease, but it wouldn't have taken me much longer to get another and in some lists three is enough. I was able to get them by playing tournaments because of the special promotion where you win only Sword & Shield packs (which I think goes away at the end of this week). A little while ago, I spent a lot of time towards making this ( deck after pulling a locked ADP and already having a lot of the staple trainers. I used it to play Expanded tournaments and win packs for trading for Jirachi at 11-13 SWSH apiece. I would suggest doing something similar- spend what you have making one consistent deck and use that deck to win more packs. Theme tournaments are also an option, but keep in mind that they're slower, more luck based, and you win less packs. I almost never buy IRL packs or codes, so it's definitely possible to play without spending a lot of money. As for Dedenne, I don't have any either (lol), but there are still some decks that don't need it (like Baby Blacephalon).
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    Best non Jirachi OR Dedenne-GX deck?

    Easy, Zacian V. But not very budget friendly

    Unfortunately, it’s super difficult to compete in Stabdard right now without expensive cards that bolster consistency.

    There is Cinccino Mill. But that depends on how willing you are to play an alternate win deck. That said, it does field a bad matchup to Zacian V / ADP
  5. snoopy369 Aspiring Trainer

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    Stabdard, I like it. Definitely very fast and light meta right now. :)
  6. Merovingian Dead Game Enthusiast

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    I love autocorrect.
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  7. Noviceon Aspiring Trainer


    So this is what I’m running at the moment, it’s found some consistency too, I’ve labeled it kill Jirachi ;)

    3x Heatran-GX
    3x Silvally-GX (cosmic eclipse)
    1x Silvally-GX (hidden fates)
    3x Victini V
    4x Type:Null
    1x Reshiram & Charizard-GX
    1x Oricario-GX
    1x Turtonator (dragon majesty)

    trainer supporter:
    4x welder
    3x red and blue
    2x professor oak setup
    2x mallow & Lana

    trainer item:
    4x fiery flint
    4x Tag call
    2x fire crystal
    2x Pokemon communication
    3x pokemon catcher
    2x pokegear 3.0

    pokemon tools:
    2x air balloon

    13x fire

    If Jirachi sits in the active on my first attacking turn (I try and go first) I can generally kill him. I’ll sacrifice a GX from Heatrun if necessary, but mostly don’t need too. Victini (2x energy) or Heatrun after a welder deal with him too. My main aim is to drop red and blue, and welder in the first 2 turns. I’ll often have 6x energy on the board and kill ADP with Heatrun before he knocks any of my Pokémon out. Zacian V is OHKO for Heatrun or Victini V. Ive managed to deal with Sableye decks and different versions of Malamar. I’m having trouble with Volcaneo and R&C. Just outpace me, particularly as I choose to go first.

    The big highlight moves usually involve a red and blue into Silvally, draw up to 5x cards / or make basic retreat cost zero (either works), drop Heatrun, swap him into active, draw 6 energy’s and OHKO ADP. Delicious.

    Still needs some tinkering, not sure the stadium adds anything, I’m often using it to remove another stadium rather than actually use it. Not sold of Tortunator, was thinking of Blacephalon-GX instead, but I don’t have one yet. Also it’s nice to have a 1 prize card sacrificial lamb that can drop a bomb if necessary.

    Happy to hear any advise, or tips on how to deal with Volcanio / R&C.
  8. Noviceon Aspiring Trainer


    Consistency was down after about 10-20 matches. Using more quick balls, got a Blacephalon-GX, got rid of Oricatio, Turtonator, Professor oak’s setup. Running a few quick ball and more pokemon communication.

    Sad as it is, Dedenne could easily replace some pokegear 3.0 and the deck would improve. I can’t think of a deck that wouldn’t be better without Jirachi and Dedenne.
  9. AngryBokoblin Guzzlord is fun


    If you play expanded it shouldn't be THAT expensive.
    Maybe switch to expanded for the time being?
    Hopefully we get a zacian tin and maybe a dede promo (there is still that unreleased japanese artwork) and it will bring prices down.
    They did it for lele so maybe they will do it now.
  10. FourteenAlmonds Roasted, but not salty


    Ace Specs are still hella pricey though right?
  11. CrownAxe Aspiring Trainer


    Computer Search and Dowsing Machine are, the rest are pretty cheap
  12. moving pictures Aspiring Trainer
    moving pictures


    Green's Baby Blowns still very good, add in a couple lucky eggs and a quick ball and thats a pretty good budget deck

    Rillaboom/Rowlet deck - Ive seen some lists w Dedenne and others with none - I would recommend tag call engine w Mewtwo

    Green's decks were very strong until the new turn one rule kicked in- Roxiechomp is still good, but turn one rule hurt bad

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