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Standard Beedrill snipe deck

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by biffthepotato, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. biffthepotato It's Wednesday M'dudes


    Hey guys. I was looking through my cards and saw the Beedrill from evolution's that has the attack that costs (G)(C) and says 40x the amout of Beedrill you have in play to any of your opponents Pokemon. I immediately started thinking of a beedrill snipe deck. Hope you enjoy!

    Pokemon: 17

    3x Beedrill (EVO)
    1x Beedrill (CRI)
    4x Kakuna (CRI)
    4x Weedle (CRI)
    2x Tapu koko (Promo)
    1x espeon EX
    2x Tapu lele GX

    Trainers: 31

    4x Professor Sycamore (BP)
    3x N (FC)
    1x Cynthia (ULP)
    3x Guzma (BUS)
    1x Bridgette (BT)
    2x Gladion (CRI)

    4x Ultra ball (SUM)
    3x rare candy (SUM)
    2x field blower (GAR)
    1x revitalizer (GEN)
    2x rescue stretcher (GAR)
    2x Evosoda

    3x Choice band (GAR)

    Energy: 12

    6x grass energy
    4x Double Colorless Energy (SUM)
    2x Counter energy (CRI)

    Notes about the deck:

    This deck is supposed to go for 2 shots or snipe things on the bench with our Beedrills. We play 1 copy of the Crimson Invasion Beedrill because we can stall by using its first attack witch says if it evolved this turn 10 damage and poison and it paralyzes for the cost of (G), and it counts towards the EVO Beedrill's snipe attack. We play a lot of Pokemon recovery to get our Bees back as well. I was tempted to put in on Pheromosa GX because it can attack on your first turn for 30 damage and for 2 grass 60 and confusion, but I thought that it didn't do much damage and gave it the boot.


    With this deck you usually want to get a turn 1 tapu koko promo spread to weaken your opponents Pokemon then come in with your Bees and potentially snipe for 160 for a (G)(C) energy cost to knockout things or if necessary against evolution decks, you can devolve your opponent's Pokemon to take knockouts. The setup of this deck is supposed to be similar to Greninja Break but instead only being a stage 2 deck rather that a stage 2 break deck. In this deck we mainly focus on getting the turn 2 Kakuna multiply to get all your kakunas onto your bench to potentially get 3 to 4 bees on turn 3.

    I think that this deck is pretty interesting so any feedback or ideas are welcome so thank you for your time.
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2018

  2. OrangeJuice1000 Moon is better than sun.


    Great list! I love this idea! There is nothing major at all I would change, only that I would add one Revitalizer and Aether Paradise Conservation Area, as there is only 58 cards. But besides that, this deck is really cool. I would love to see play with it.
  3. OrangeJuice1000 Moon is better than sun.


    Oh, I just realised that there were actually 59 cards. As seeing that, I would just add one Revitalizer.
  4. AuraJackle Aspiring Trainer


    Seing as aethers paradise only works on basics and is a bad stadium you should take it out. Also counter energy could help this deck allot more so than choice bands for instance won't need as many grass energy as well
  5. biffthepotato It's Wednesday M'dudes



    I didn't realize that there where only 59 cards in this deck :) and I also didn't realize Aether paradise only worked for basics and I will probably add more recovery and maybe add some more Guzmas and maybe try out counter energy in this deck because you could then attack for one energy, although I don't like the fact that you have to be losing to use it because this deck is made to be fast and always get your Bees set up before your opponent and you usually win prize trade offs because you have a bunch of one prize attackers. Choice band can be useful because you can one shot your opponents active Buzzwole GX because they have 190 HP witch can be pretty Good in some mach ups like Volcanion and Buzzwole.

    Ok here is what I changed:

    (I added an Aether Paradise for the 60th spot)

    -3 Aether Paradise
    -2 grass energy

    +2 counter energy (I only want two counter Energy because it wont always give you the 2 of any energy for your non GXs because you wont always be losing)
    +1 Guzma (we can use this to switch our Pokemon out of the active or stall by switching one of our Opponents Pokemon into the active as well)
    +2 Evosoda (I totally forgot Evosoda in this list but it can help us get out our Bees and Kakunas)

    I will make these changes on the deck list so tell me what you think :)

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